Childhood Favorites

Posted 11-27-2011 at 07:12 AM by Krista

I have to admit, part of me loves seeing things that I loved from childhood coming back. Lisa Frank—you know, the super bright girly stationary and trapper-keppers (Now there’s a flashback right there! When’s the last time you heard that word?). I adored the stuff, and still have some stickers of hers that I saved fifteen years ago! Boy was I surprised to see her stickers at Walmart! In addition to the animal based artwork she is known for, she now also does women from different cultures and walks of life. Picture, if you will, a mermaid next to a woman in a kimono, and you get the idea. These sticker books feature the new artwork, along with the old!

Of course, some of our childhood favorites never completely went away, but rather evolved throughout the years. Take My Little Pony or Care Bears for instance. Others have tried to make a comeback and have failed. The Smurfs movie comes to mind.

My husband J hates the new G.I. Joe and is wary of watching his old cartoon favorites as they come out on DVD, for fear that they will seem silly and the magic of our fond memories will be lost. (This happened with both of us when we got ahold of the show Dinosaurs on VHS). So, what about you? Are you a fan of comebacks, or skeptical like my husbands? Which ones have disappointed you, and which ones have made you proud?

It can be so fun to relive our youth through our children. I smile fondly every time my daughter wants to watch Care Bears of Fraggle Rock. It feels like sharing a part of myself with her.

Diaper Swapers

Staying Healthy and Active in Winter Months

Posted 11-26-2011 at 12:55 PM by whitneywalters

I have recently started a diet. I am working to get fit and back into my pre-baby shape. I am a warm weather person, so the thought of spending time outside when it is snowing is less then appealing to me. I would rather stay in the house, under a blanket and read a book. Part of my diet is getting more active and I need to stay active in cold weather to come.

Here are some the ways I plan on staying healthy and active.

1. Exercise indoors-
It does not matter if you use a gym, at home exercise equipment, a wii exercise game or just some exercises you have come up with on your own. Staying active will burn more calories and help you lose weight.If you like to walk, try walking a local mall.

2. Watch what you drink-
I love lattes and hot chocolate but there are a lot of calories, sugar and carbs in these drinks. You can still enjoy them, just try not to over indulge and when you do drink one, try using skim milk and skipping the whipped cream.

3. Play some game-
A family game night, playing game like twister, simon says or red light green light are great ways to have fun and exercise at the same time.

4. Brave the cold-
Go sledding, build a snowman or have a snowball fight. Get out and get active.Shoveling snow is also a great way to burn some calories.

5. Don’t over indulge in the seasons treats.
– It is ok to have a cookie or a treat, just make sure to limit the amounts of these items you are eating.


Pizza Omelet

Posted 11-26-2011 at 09:00 AM by Monica Beyer

I love food. I just do. I’ve had to recently change my manner of eating but I still hanker for pizza. And I know pepperoni isn’t the best, most healthy thing to eat, but I do sneak some in, in the guise of this totally delicious omelet. Pepperoni is full of nasty preservatives such as BHA and BHT but it’s so darn good. I will check out turkey pepperoni to see if there is a difference nutrition-wise, but for now, I have the bad stuff in my fridge. If you don’t like pepperoni, skip it!

This makes a big fat omelet, suitable for lunch paired with a green smoothie.

I am not a recipe writer, by the way. This was the result of “winging it” in the kitchen, so bare with my instructions.

Nightmare Troubles

Posted 11-26-2011 at 07:35 AM by whitneywalters

My five year old son has been having a lot of nightmares lately.  He will come down stares, shaking and crying because he has had another bad dream.  His nightmares started when he was about a year and a half old. I remember when they first started he would not always even wake up from them, I would sit on the couch and hold him while he cried in his sleep. I would continue to hold him till he woke up or stopped crying.

We are not sure what has been causing them. I have read that stress and life changes can cause them, watching something scary ( even if it does not seem scary to an adult ) and even feeling stressed or anxious during the day.

I have been doing some reading and trying to find different things that will help him with these nightmares and make sleeping more peaceful for everyone. I have come across a few things that have been helping him a lot…

Going Through Changes

Posted 11-26-2011 at 07:00 AM by Krista

There is no doubt about it: having a child changes you forever. It’s a no-brainer. But just how they bring about that change, and what form it takes, is different for everyone. For me, there were all the usual adjustments, like not being able to go on an impromptu vacation (we used to do that all the time!) or being able to have friends over late. We had to adjust to living off of one income so that I could stay home with the girls, and I had to get used to, well, staying home.

There’s adjusting your life to your baby’s schedule, learning what her cries mean, learning how to take care of another human being. Not to mention baby proofing! For my husband he had to become solely responsible for me and our daughter. He really grew up a lot. As an only child, he tended to get his own way, and as he has a love for video games, he tended to buy three or four brand new ones at a time. Now, since we have only one income, he waits for months, sometimes even over a year, until a game he wants is in pre-owned. He also has been known to push off his own wants in favor of buying the girls toys or ice cream.

Little People

Posted 11-25-2011 at 11:25 AM by Krista

A friend of mine who has three girls on his own once told me that he thought it was weird how kids are like little people. He said it with such irony and amazement that I laughed out loud, because of course that’s exactly what they are. Little people that we are taking care of and raising to one day be adults.

Each child has their own unique personality. My oldest is wild, adventurous, comedic, and has a fiery temper. My youngest is sensitive, and loving, and thinks if she smiles when she is scolded, that it will get her out of trouble. She is usually right!

They have their own interests—both of my girls love animals. Alison is an outdoors girl—she loves playing outside and swimming. K loves soft, cuddly things.

I think one of the most interesting things about being a mom is watching this child that you brought into the world change and develop as he gets older. It is so neat to see them discover things and learn. I don’t know about you, but I wonder all the time about the kind of women my girls will grow up to be. There are moments when I see glimpses of the strength, the kindness, the intelligence that they possess.

So often parents and grandparents will start laying expectations, like talking about what college they should go to (College? Really? My oldest isn’t even in pre-school yet!) or what kind of job they may get one day. Me personally, I just like watching my “little people” and letting them discover themselves. Each and every unique piece of them is beautiful to me.

Benefits and Downfalls of One Size Diapers

Posted 11-25-2011 at 10:35 AM by whitneywalters

A large portion of my diaper stash is OS diapers. I have always liked having them since most of the time I have had two babies in cloth diapers and I like being able to use the same stash on both of my babies at the same time.

The benefits of OS diapers-
Long lasting-
Most OS diapers fit from around 10lbs to 30+lbs. Since these diapers feature multiple size settings, they will fit babies through every stage of development. Keep in mind that all diapers fits babies differently, certain diapers may work for one baby and not for others. I have found that bum genious OS diapers and sunbaby OS diapers work better for us then any other style of OS diaper. Since these diapers are durable and the adjustable size makes them long lasting they are on of the most economical cloth diaper choices.

It is a well known fact that cloth diapering can save you money but when you are using a system you will be able to use these diapers from birth ( or shortly after depending on babies size and the style of OS diapers ), you will be saving even more. You won’t have to order more diapers when your child moves up a size.

The downfalls of OS diapers-
Bulk- Bulk is the one major complaint I have about OS diapers. When my youngest daughter first started fitting into a OS sunbaby diaper it was really bulky on her. I did not like the way it looked under clothes so I did not really use them much until she got a little bit bigger and it did not look like her diaper was the same size she was.

Permanent Change of Station

Posted 11-25-2011 at 08:15 AM by HollyRay

Otherwise known as a Possible Crash in Sanity. I actually like moving, mostly because I’m so used to it, but when it comes to a military PCS I sometimes wonder if the headache is worth it.  Currently my husband is nearing the end of a three year tour in England and we are working on getting to a new duty station that is also overseas. Medical clearance, dental clearance, classes to be taken, and that is all before the orders can even be cut!

I’ve spent the whole of everyday this past week in someone’s office getting paperwork done. Tuesday we have the final decision as to whether my children will be cleared to go with us to our next base, and we are just a little worried. Both our girls grind their teeth – something fierce causing chipping, will the military give us the green light? OY! The stress of it all!

For those of you that are military mama’s you know this pain all too well, the excitement or dread of the assignment coming in, the process, the orders, getting to the new base. If I could just skip ahead to the part when the orders get cut I would, because this stress is killing me. I’m trying to maintain a level of normality in our lives by continuing with more everyday activities such as art projects, baking, dance practice, etc. but I still notice my children picking up on the

Gastro what?

Posted 11-25-2011 at 07:03 AM by Monica Beyer

Maybe it’s my age. My husband seems to think so. Or my diet, which I will admit isn’t all that fabulous. But I’m having … stomach issues.

Dr. Google says it’s likely to be irritable bowel syndrome, but I need to go rule out more serious issues first. I have been tested for celiac disease twice and came up negative, and have gone gluten free in the past with no change so I am somewhat confident that’s not my issue. But there are other diseases that can manifest themselves in this ugly manner too, such as Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, and so on.

A little apprehensive, if I  must be honest. I also have GERD, diagnosed via EGD a year ago, and have been on Zantac ever since. I stopped taking the medication in hopes that it was the cause of my problems, but unfortunately the fix wasn’t that easy.

I’m going to call my GI doctor tomorrow to see when they can fit me in, and try some diet modifications in the meantime.

My main symptom seems to be caused by an abnormal gastrocolic reflex. The results are less than spectacular and I really have to be careful what I eat when I’m out and about, and in fact I’ve pretty much stopped eating out altogether — it isn’t worth the risk.

Total Makeover Part 1: The Haircut

Posted 11-24-2011 at 10:30 AM by HollyRay

In a previous blog I mentioned I had decided to redo my wardrobe once my daughter makes her appearance. Frankly my wardrobe needs the update, and I have always loved the 1940’s and 50’s, add that my husband has a thing for rockabilly (not that he told me until I told him I LOVED it) and it wasn’t hard to decide to go pinup in style. I’ve been buying things here and there, a few dresses, a top or two. I have a bunch of patterns and enough fabric for a couple outfits ready to go for once I “deflate”. I have however kind of lost my mojo, not that I no longer want to change my style, but I’m getting bored waiting to go more pinup.

I thought who better to come to then all of you? After all I did tell you I was starting this journey, why not have you all by my side to share the experience? Help me get my mojo back so I don’t feel like I will be pregnant forever.

Ready for a challenge?

Let’s pick out a haircut!