Putting a New Spin on Old Toys

Posted 12-29-2011 at 01:12 PM by Krista

I don’t know about you, but whenever I go to the store I am always struck by how many new toys have come out in the week since I’ve been. They never stop making them, and kids—surprise, surprise—never stop wanting them. I have always said that one advantage of not having cable is that my children don’t see as many toy commercials. I see the beauty of this every time they stay with their grandparents and come home wanting new things. Unfortunately, kids don’t understand that money comes in a limited supply (or, at least my three year old and fourteen month old don’t) and not many of us can afford to buy every toy our child wants. And even if we could, would we want to?

Around here we have a different approach: instead of buying new toys, we make old toys seem new. We do this by hiding them. I keep a box of “old” toys on the washing machine, ones that my kids loved but have stopped playing with. Then, every so often I pull them out and the girls clamor to the box and rediscover their old toys. They think Christmas has come early, and it is so much fun watching their excitement as they have fun all over again with an old favorite.

Diaper Swapers

Dealing with Miscarriage

Posted 12-29-2011 at 11:41 AM by Krista

I have just gotten back home from vacation and boy, do I need a vacation! It goes that way sometimes, doesn’t it? The holidays are so full of rushing around that it wears you out! In addition to all of that, we just celebrated my oldest daughter’s birthday and I am just now seeing the carpet! That’s after three bags of trash, mind you!

My Mother-in-Law is off work for the Christmas break and wanted to take the girls off my hands for a few days. I gladly agreed to her gracious offer so that I could get some much needed cleaning done as well as rest and relax. It’s nice to have some time to myself. I have to admit I often wonder why I didn’t appreciate it as much before I had kids.

There is also another thing that I am doing while having time to myself. I am recuperating, and dealing with a loss. I posted a few threads on diaper swappers about a suspected pregnancy, and as it turns out, I was right. However, this past Friday, not long after we arrived at the hotel, I miscarried. I have never had a miscarriage before. Initially, I rejected the idea altogether and decided it must be implantation bleeding. The bleeding didn’t stop over the next forty-eight hours, however, and if that didn’t convince me the contraction-like cramps did the job.

Overnight Breakfast Ideas

Posted 12-29-2011 at 11:41 AM by whitneywalters

I get tired of making the same things over and over again for breakfast but I am not a morning person either. So I have been trying some over night breakfast recipes. So far everyone here is loving them!

Overnight Breakfast Casserole – Egg


18 eggs
4-6 slices bacon, crumbled
1 1/4 cups shredded cheese
3 tablespoons butter (to fry)
1 cup cream; plus 2 tablespoons cream
1 (10 ounce) can cream of mushroom soup
salt and pepper for taste


1. Mix eggs and cheese; scramble in a frying pan with butter.

2. Add salt and pepper.

3. Put scrambled eggs in 3 quart casserole dish.

4. Pour over top of egg mixture with soup, cheese, and bacon.

5. Refrigerate overnight, then bake 1 1/2 hours at 250’F.

Second Chances

Posted 12-28-2011 at 05:45 PM by Krista

My daughter had to go to the doctor today because they wanted to check her out since her fall of a ladder on Monday. The fall was about five feet, onto concrete. My husband has been so concerned that he took off work to take her to her appointment. I was relieved, because my pediatrician’s office makes any patients not there for a regular checkup sit on the sick side, and I would have had two healthy girls exposed to germs.

I have the most awesome pediatrician. We called him after the accident to get his feedback on what should be done. The ER doctor was saying that she seemed fine, and the X-rays looked good. We couldn’t get her to hold still for the C-T scan, and my husband really wanted that done. The doctor said that the only way we could get it done for certain (because she kept freaking out every time we tried!) was to sedate. As some of you most likely know, there are risks associated with that. There was a slight chance she might stop breathing, or even vomit in her mouth while asleep. I don’t know about you, but even slight odds bother me, so I wanted to take his professional
opinion and get her home.

So, our pediatrician ended up being the deciding vote. He said that we should get the scan done, so we stayed. While we waited eight long hours, he called back several times to check on our daughter.

The Magic of Weddings

Posted 12-28-2011 at 03:56 PM by Krista

What is it about weddings? Love is in the air, and there is something almost magical about seeing a couple exchange vows. When I think about my own ceremony that is the word that comes to mind: magic. My husband and I were actually married in the courthouse because we were eighteen and nineteen, respectively, and our parents wouldn’t pay for a wedding. However, weddings are very big in the South, and close to my heart, so my darling husband had a vow renewal ceremony for us on our five year anniversary.

Recently, a couple we are friends with married and my husband was in the wedding. They did something similar to our vow renewal, because technically they have been married since June, so that she could be on his insurance. Based on that, he thought the idea of having a ceremony was ridiculous! They were already married, what was the point? He kept mumbling that he’d be glad when it was over, but the moment came when he was at the altar, and she was walking down the aisle toward him. His whole face changed, and he cried at the sight of his beautiful bride.

That’s what I mean about the magic. For a small moment, we get to witness a side to someone we might otherwise never see. We get to join in the happiness of two people as they promise to love each other until death. And then you get to party!! What’s not to love about love? :)

Winter Car Seat Safety

Posted 12-28-2011 at 03:56 PM by whitneywalters

Cold weather is here and I thought I would take the time to write a reminder on car seat safety in the winter.  No coats in the car seat, coats and car seats do not mix. They create to much space between the child and the straps and in the event of an accident the car seat will not be able to do its job and protect your child the way it is designed to do so.

- Instead of a heavy winter coat, use a lighter zip up fleece jacket. We buy a couple of these for each child at Old Navy every year.
– Use long underwear. They are usually found in the pj section at stores. We buy several pairs because we use them under snow gear when playing outside, wear them for pjs and later with them for added warmth.
– Use a  ponch0. There are many wahms that make car seat ponchos and many make them out of fleece.

Eating During the Holidays

Posted 12-27-2011 at 03:23 PM by Krista

Why is it that Thanksgiving (followed closely at the heels by Christmas) instantly means weight gain? My guess would be all the holiday parties and seasonal favorites, such as eggnog, which are chock full of calories. I am guilty of it just as much as the next person. My favorite cookies come out this time of year, along with delicious flavors of hot chocolate.

Along with the calorie rich desserts, we tend to drink a bit more during the holidays. Martinis and champagne are not exactly low calorie. More than anything, though, is the over-indulgence you come across during this festive season. There is an attitude of “It’s OK…it’s Christmas!” that leads to the fourth glass of punch or the second slice of cake.

I have bought my holiday favorites: a box of mint Andes chocolate cookies and Dove peppermint bark. The cookies are, sadly, gone. Once my holidays treats are all gone I am making a vow not to buy any more!

I Truly Love My Husband

Posted 12-27-2011 at 12:00 PM by whitneywalters

I married my best friend. We have a romance that reads like a sappy love story. Boy meets girl, girl is with another guy, guy and girl fall in love but can’t be together, boy gets girl, gets married and lives happily ever after.

We met at church camp when I was only 14 years old. Over the next year we chatted online and on the phone, he came to visit a couple times and we became best friends. I was in a relationship at the time with a guy that was not at all right for me, he did not treat me right and my parents were not thrilled with him. It would take a lot of tears and a couple years but eventually my husband and I started dating when I was seventeen years old. It was a true fairy tale, sweep you off your feet romance. He treated me like a queen and I was very happy to be with

You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling

Posted 12-27-2011 at 11:21 AM by Krista

I remember the first time I met the man who would be my husband. I wasn’t wearing my glasses (my mom always bought my glasses with the motto “the bigger, the better” in mind, so my lenses tended to be HUGE) because I was very self-conscious, and I knew people thought I  looked better without them. The only problem was, I can barely see without them. Even at the age of sixteen, my eyes were bad enough to almost qualify me as being legally blind. That being the case, when I was introduced to J I could make out dark hair, a sexy smile, and the rest seemed to just blend in with what I knew of the rest of the male population.

Put another way, I fell in love with the sound of his voice. We talked for hours, and when I had to go he called me before I was out the door. Remembering those moments…when just thinking about him would make my heart race. I miss the moments when you’re first dating when he brings flowers to surprise you, or you stand in the mirror for hours trying to make sure you look “just right”.

Now, after nearly seven years of marriage and two kids later most of our “dates” are shopping

A Flurry of Winter Lessons

Posted 12-27-2011 at 11:20 AM by whitneywalters

The chill in the air means winter is well on its way so I have started planning some winter lessons for my kids. My kids are fascinated with snow flakes so when we get a decent snow fall we are going to take the whole day to do some snow studies.

Catch Some Snowflakes

What you will need:

  • black velvet or black construction paper
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Snow

Since snowflakes melt so quickly you need to freeze your cloth or paper. Have it ready frozen and ready to go for the next snowfall, and go outside and let some snowflakes land on the dark surface. Quickly, before they melt, examine the flakes with a magnifying glass. Many snowflakes are “broken” and so you don’t see the whole six-sided crystal, but with persistence you’ll see some beautiful examples.