Sibling Rivalry

Posted 01-28-2012 at 09:10 AM by whitneywalters

My oldest got himself in a lot of trouble earlier this week. He was playing with some of his toys when his two year old sister came over and wanted to play with him. He did not want her to play so he stood up and shoved her as hard as he could, knocking her over and making her hit her head on the floor. She instantly started bawling, I witnessed the whole thing and I was shocked to see him do this. I ran over, scooped her up and told him to sit on the couch until I was ready to talk to him.

It took a few minuets of sitting on mama’s lap before she calmed down, then she asked to watch Dora and all was well again in her world. So I went over and started talking to Alex. He was visibly mad at me for making him sit on the couch. He had a scowl on his face, his arms were crossed and he did not even want to look at me. I tried getting him to talk to me about it but he did not want to. So I made him sit there for a few minuets longer and tried again. The second time he was more willing to talk to me and he said he did not want her to touch his toys because she would mess them up so he pushed her. I asked if we are suppose to push or be mean and he said no. Then I asked him if he liked to be pushed or have someone do something that hurts him. This is when he started crying and wanted to know if he was in trouble. After talking to him more about why we do not do things like that and that we have to share and be nice it was decided that he would be grounded from the toys he pushed her over until Friday. If he did it again he would be grounded from them until he learned to be nice.

Diaper Swapers

Having Her Baby

Posted 01-28-2012 at 06:02 AM by Krista

Have you ever felt like there was something you were meant to do, even if other people would think it was crazy? For some of us, that could mean marrying the man that we did! With all kidding aside, for many years now I have thought about becoming a surrogate mother. Though it is something I have thought about it I have never really acted upon it before. Recently, the urge to become a surrogate, to carry a child for a couple who is unable is a strong desire of my heart.

I have begun researching agencies despite my husband’s reservations. Yes, he is quite reluctant to “give me away” for ten months. He feels that it is crazy to consider carrying someone else’s child when we are not quite done with our own family. He thinks it’s irrational to not worry about the risks and potential complications. After all, as with any pregnancy things could happen. I could lose a tube. I could lose a uterus. I could even die. Where will that put my own two children?

Of course, if you worry about every little thing you will never make a single move out of your comfort zone. It is so much nicer in there, where you feel comfortable and safe, isn’t it? Plenty of us would never move beyond it if we didn’t have to. I used to be one of those people.

My Hum-Drum Life

Posted 01-27-2012 at 02:10 PM by Krista

Do you ever feel like you are stuck on rewind, with no end in sight to hum-drum kind of days? I can relate to that. Sometimes it seems that the only thing that changes in what type of mess is made in which room of the house. I have a sort of mediocre existence at this point in my life. I wake up, feed the kids, pick up and/or entertain the girls, put them down for a nap, do my workout…well, you get the idea.

I have to say, I adore my kids with every fiber of my being, but I am bored with life. I am tired of feeling like I am on autopilot! I want to be challenged, I want to be useful! As some of you may know, I am currently in college. I have changed my major three times, from accounting to general business, and then to sociology, then back to general business.

I want to help people, I want to do work that will mean something, that will change someone’s life as the work I will do will change mine. Perhaps it seems a bit idealistic, but it is what I see for myself. I have always done everything I could to help others, it excites me, believe it or not. General business doesn’t seem to fit the bill for this type of calling, but I have stuck with it because I am afraid.

Yes, afraid. For awhile I changed my major to sociology with the intention of becoming

Recycling Old Clothes

Posted 01-27-2012 at 10:15 AM by whitneywalters

My massive purge has begun. We are doing the bedrooms first and that means it is time to go through and get rid of clothes we no longer have a need for. Anything that is still in good condition we take to my husband’s aunt’s resale shop and we donate some to goodwill or another charity. I do not like to throw clothes away though, if something is old, has a hole or stain I always want to try to find another use before throwing it in the trash.

Here are some ideas to recycle old clothes.

1. Jeans and jean skirts
– Cut off the pockets, you would be amazed at how useful jean pockets are in crafts. I have used them to make coin purses, jean pocket magnets, a pocket for holding small pony tail holders on bow holders and lots of other things.
– I recycled an old jean skirt that had gotten to small into a purse for my mom
– Learn to sew using denim. I have seen potholders, quilts, backpacks and a lot of other cool stuff made with denim. I am learning to sew currently and I want to make some cute pot holders.

This site has 25 projects you can make out of denim.

2. Old tshirts
– I am saving up old tshirts right now because I want to make a rug.
– I have heard of people having them turned into diapers.
– I recently saw a lady that used old tshirts and made them into tote bags.

This site has 10 ideas for recycling t shirts.

More after the break.

EC Journal: Week One

Posted 01-27-2012 at 08:55 AM by HollyRay

The first week of life can be scary for both mom and newborn, so it’s understandable that some parents who choose elimination communication wait until their child reaches a month, 3 months, or even 6-9 months of age. I have always chosen to start as early as possible, it works for me, and helps me bond and learn how my child communicates, the perk is less dirty diapers.

This past week I have started EC from birth with my newest addition. It has, as I suspected, been a great benefit to me as a “new” mom. Every child is different and Rhoswen MacKay is no exception to that rule. Her first day of life she spent sleeping, pooping, and eating, but there was no wetness and I was worried, somewhere between 1 and 2 am she wet a diaper and woke up screaming her head off. I was just relieved she had finally wet a diaper. My midwife didn’t seem too worried about the lack of wet diapers, so I continued on day two without a wet diaper, then in the evening while nursing she unlatched and let out the most heart wrenching scream. I decided to try her on her potty, she had already had a bowel movement on it so I thought maybe she wanted to use it again. I held her on her potty and gently rubbed her stomach, I’ve always been one to speak to my children in a matter of fact way, so I told her in a soft voice “I think you need to potty, I know it may seem strange to you, but it’s okay, just relax baby girl”. Yes I probably sounded like a crazy woman, but my daughter calmed down and with her relaxation she peed, a whole lot actually.

Moving On

Posted 01-27-2012 at 08:50 AM by Krista

These days it seems everyone has a sad story to tell about growing up. Broken families and dysfunctional childhoods are not uncommon. I myself have had my fair share of “mama drama” or what I guess I could call your typical mother-daughter relationship. There comes a point in everyone’s life where they have to decide whether to be ruled by their past or to let it go.

I was talking to a friend today that says her mom still complains about her relationship with her mother. She hasn’t lived at home in at least thirty years, but she still recalls those years with just as much venom as if it had happened yesterday. This made me realize that some people chose not to let go. They just can’t seem to shake free of their past.

When I was younger and someone would come to me with a problem they were having I would ask, “So, what are you going to do about it?” I believe in solutions, not whining. After all, isn’t that what we try to teach our children? As good parents, we attempt to teach problem-solving, so it is only natural that we should do this in our own lives. I think that it is healthiest to do whatever needs to be done so that you can move on. If you have any issues in your life, examine what would need to happen for you to be able to move on. Would talking it through with someone help? Is there a person you could discuss it with that could make it better?

Guilt Addict

Posted 01-26-2012 at 01:35 PM by Krista

Hi, my name is Krista, and I am addicted to guilt. I’m not sure how long that has been the case, but in a nutshell, I am ruled by feelings of guilt and inadequacy. I still feel badly about things I did years ago—something as simple as letting a friendship slip away, a result of merely growing older and growing apart. But still, I blame myself and hold onto the idea that I could have done something differently.

I feel guilty for not having closer relationships with family members, even if I don’t particularly enjoy their company. They’re still my family, and so something inside of me says I should want to be with them, and if I don’t, then there’s something wrong
with me.

I don’t know about you, but parenting is my number one source of guilt. I see other moms that always seem to have children with clean faces and matching socks, and worse, their kids always seem to mind. I catch myself wondering why I can’t make my oldest listen—she is so free spirited and wild, could it be something I have or haven’t done?  Is it in some way my fault? And if it is, how will that affect her in the future? Will she be stunted emotionally because of something I failed to teach her?

Another one is finances. Though I know I am contributing to my family by being a full time caretaker, house wife and student, I also feel guilty when we’re having money problems. I reason that if I worked

The High Needs Child

Posted 01-26-2012 at 11:23 AM by Krista

I had never heard of a high needs child until after I began keeping a friend’s child during the week. He was a little boy, just under a year and proclaimed darling by his parents. He is their first and only, and they said he would behave like a perfect angel. His dad needed someone to watch him, and I needed the extra money. Based on their assurances that he was a pure joy to be around, I agreed to keep him three days a week, seven hours a day.

Now, I know all parents think our children are the world’s gift. I know I certainly do. What I was amazed at in this instance was their complete lack of knowledge concerning their son’s behavior. Let me elaborate. I knew whenever I was around him he seemed a bit clingy I might even go as far as to call him whiny. What I did not expect was that he was quite demanding and temperamental.

At first I expected there to be tears when his dad dropped him off. However, even after three weeks he began wailing the moment the door closed and didn’t stop until his parents arrived to pick him up. Well, there was one thing, and one thing only that would quiet him: food.

Thinking outside the jar

Posted 01-26-2012 at 11:05 AM by whitneywalters

Baby food does not have to come from a store bought jar! It is really easy to make. I make all my babies food.  I like knowing where their food came from and everything that is in it.

Here are some reasons why you should make your own food:

1. It saves you money.
– I can get several servings of food out of almost every fruit or veggie I get. Jarred baby food adds up in price quickly, especially if you are trying to buy all organic jarred food.

2. You know everything your baby is eating.
– I buy mostly organic fruit and veggies for my baby food. I also use veggies from my personal garden. I like having total control over my babies foods.

3. Easy to mix it up.
– Once your baby has been eating food for awhile and you have tested foods on the four day rule ( same food four days in a row to test for allergies ) you can start playing around with combos. I know that when my now two year old was still eating baby food she loved peaches and mango together.

Here are some tips for making your own food:

Three Strikes

Posted 01-25-2012 at 01:15 PM by Krista

I have been an avid reader for many years. I read so constantly that anyone who knows me is shocked to discover that I was actually in remedial reading classes in elementary school. When I discovered a love for reading, that all changed. At one time I aspired to read every book ever written. Hey, I was young, and didn’t think about the fact that hundreds of books are written and published each year.

These days as a mom to two active girls, as well as a college student and full-time blogger, I don’t have time for books that I don’t (or won’t) enjoy. I used to refuse to give up on a book and would read it until its conclusion, no matter how weary the trek was. No more. Recently, I gave up on Angela’s Ashes. It’s been an acclaimed best-seller, and I wanted to love it, I really did. But about half-way through, I finally had to admit defeat and toss it.

We all have such a limited amount of free time, why spend it forcing yourself to go through something you’re not enjoying? (When I say this I am of course not telling you to skip appointments, paying bills and chores!) For this reason, I have put authors on a three strike list. I’ll give you an example. I used to love Danielle Steel novels. I would read each and every one I could get my hands on. And then, like so often popular authors do, she started putting out stories that were sort of a rehash of something she’d already done.