Cabin Fever

Posted 03-31-2012 at 10:06 AM by HollyRay

Have you ever watched Muppet Treasure Island? If you have you might recall the song “Cabin Fever” in which they are all going mad due to their close quarters and lack of scenery change. This song is becoming my anthem. I’ve been in Georgia for 6 weeks, 4 of those weeks I have been left in either a hotel room or my new empty house, nothing within walking distance, no car, no anything.

My children and I have been rather bored just sitting and being, you can only play hide and seek so many times. Today it has been the hottest it has been since moving here, everyone is hot, tired, and fuses are short. We’ve run in the water, made cookies, went for a walk, and we are all still bored to pieces. It makes you realize that being stuck at home with your belongings may be dreary, but being stuck at home when it’s empty is down right depressing. How often have we complained of nothing to do? How often have I looked at my house and just threw up my hands and said “I need a break from this place!”  I’ve felt that way so often in my life, but as I sit here with just my computer, even the internet is becoming boring.

Diaper Swapers

Family Tree

Posted 03-31-2012 at 08:45 AM by Krista

My husband and I are trying to create a tight knit family for our two girls. We want them to know that family comes first, and that when something is wrong you drop everything to help them out. Neither of us really grew up this way, but we are trying to start something new with our own girls. We feel that this is the way family should act—to be a unit, to help each other out. Of course, this includes the spouses they one day choose to marry and their own children.

I know my daughters feel loved. At least if nothing else, they know I love them. They both greet me with smiles and hugs in the morning, they love kisses and I can make them giggle like no one else can! I adore them.

Just the other day I came to realize that the lessons I am trying to teach are indeed being absorbed and learned. I was walking in the park, pushing my princesses in their double stroller when Ali began reciting, “Mama, Daddy, Na-na, Ne-ne, Me!” She kept saying it over and over. Finally, I asked her, “Are you telling me who is in our family?”

Oh, Honey

Posted 03-31-2012 at 08:06 AM by HollyRay

I really like the show “How I Met Your Mother,” and in one particular episode a few years ago Katy Perry made an appearance as a character who they simply called “Honey.” Honey wasn’t her name, but instead the response most people had to her. She was rather, naive, and whenever she spoke your reply would be “Oh Honey.” Since becoming a mother, I find that I so often repeat those two words in my head as I hear those without children and new mothers tell me how their future children will behave, or even funnier how my children will behave.

Renting Appliances

Posted 03-30-2012 at 10:05 AM by HollyRay

There are times in life when we just can’t get want we need right this second. For instance, I need a fridge. I can’t afford one at the moment, nor do I have the means to transport one if I could buy one. I really just needed something to get me by for a few months anyway while I wait for the moving company to get our things to us.  The logical solution was just to rent for the time being, can I just say “OY!” what a mess!

I had never rented an appliance from a store before, I knew the places existed, but had never had the need to use one. I went in thinking it would be pretty easy, we made good money, only have like 3,000 in debt, no big monthly bills, and besides it wasn’t like I wanted to actually buy what I was renting. I quickly realized I was not the normal kind of customer, I went in, asked for the cheapest fridge and got the response “With out payment plans any fridge is affordable”. When I told them I only wanted to rent for a few months because I was just waiting on my household goods they looked at me like I was wearing a penguin suit. I filled out the paperwork, and scheduled a drop off. They then proceeded to call all of my references, asking how often we talked and how soon they could get a hold of that person if I tried to skip out on my bill. Ouch much? Sure I get there is a reason for references, but insinuating that I was the kind of person who wouldn’t pay my bills just because I was renting at this store is a bit ridiculous.

I’ve had the fridge for two weeks. The fridge had been broken for three days, the food has spoiled, and it took 5 phone calls to get them down here to swap the broken fridge for a working one. Today I pay my rental fee’s

The Messy Child

Posted 03-30-2012 at 10:00 AM by whitneywalters

My two year old child loves to make a mess. She is the messiest of all my kids so far and probably messier then her brother and sister were put together. I spend a large portion of my day trying to keep her out of things. I swear she will do anything she can to get dirty.

You can not leave a cup of anything out in her reach, she will dump and then stomp in it. We have to keep the gate to the kitchen up at all times if we are not in there or she will put the dog food in his water dish, she loves to splash in the bathtub and get bubble everywhere if you give her a bubble bath. Recently she discovered that she can take the top off the fish food container and she dumped it all over the place. You leave her alone in a room for more then thirty seconds and you will come back to one kind of mess or another. Recently I thought she was playing nicely in her room so I folded a load of laundry, when I peeked in at her she had taken every single toy out of the toy box and was sitting in the middle of the mess reading a book. When we play outside she is happiest in the sand, dirt or splashing in water. Even though she knows how to use a spoon and fork she would rather use her fingers.

Anemic? Who, Me?

Posted 03-30-2012 at 09:52 AM by Krista

Lately I have felt sick constantly. My sweet husband, J, would certainly concur with that consensus. I think if I tell him one more time that I am ill, his head will explode.

I had a virus a few weeks back, which got treated. But now, it seems illness has come my way again. Ever since my miscarriage in December I have not felt entirely “right”. I am sleepy all the time, sometimes more so after I get rest. I am disoriented, and unable to focus. As a mother of two young toddlers,  you can imagine why this would be a problem!

I find myself, more often than not, with a list of things to do and unmotivated to do anything. In fact, the worse it gets the more often I find myself watching hours of television and only moving when I have to do something, like change a diaper or get the girls a snack. It worries me, but I simply don’t have energy anymore.

Toddler Tornadoes

Posted 03-29-2012 at 10:00 AM by Krista

I don’t know about you, but  with two toddlers running around the house—translation: destroying it—lately I feel like we don’t have anything nice. I feel like as long as the girls are young we won’t be able to. Our carpet is so badly stained that I wish I could just stain it all the same color. Another thought that comes to mind when I consider our carpeting choice is what in the world I was thinking when I picked white. What I was thinking was that we didn’t have kids, and I had no idea how rough they are on things.

Boy, are they! I feel like I am always replacing the things they lose, break or stain. Our hardest hit area is probably the living room. I’m sure it’s the same for some of you. My dvds are constantly being taken out and scattered around. In fact, I finally decided to put away the most abused series (my youngest must take after me and find Dean Cain very attractive) and one disk is missing. The curtains are stained, the back door is smudged with little fingerprints. We already covered the carpet.

No matter which room you would visit, there would be definite signs that yes, our house has been invaded by children!

The Daddy-Daughter Bond

Posted 03-29-2012 at 09:20 AM by Krista

Over the weekend a sweet lady I am blessed to know had her first child. This is more of a miracle because she is forty-two years old. She and her husband began trying for children shortly after they got married, fourteen years ago. They tried everything they could think of, read material on infertility, sought doctor’s advice, and the final verdict was a crushing blow: unexplained infertility. The doctors could not find any reason that they could not conceive, but despite medical intervention, nothing helped.

In the same way, when they became pregnant they had not changed anything or experimented with a new procedure. They had given up trying long ago, and had become content with the lives they led, accepting that children would never be a part of them. When my friend became pregnant, she was elated. She also was a bit worried. On the day she discovered that she was expecting, her youngest nephew left home to begin college!

Their baby, Abagail, was born two months premature over the weekend. Despite her early arrival, she is four pounds, four ounces, and already breathing on her own without oxygen. The doctors are amazed by the miracle of this little girl.

Considering the circumstances, it is understandable that my friend and her husband have a lot of questions. When I visited over the weekend the husband in particular was full of them. He asked about my two girls, and I told him that they were born Daddy’s girls, from the very moment of their arrival.

Cartoons I say No Way to

Posted 03-29-2012 at 08:56 AM by whitneywalters

There are some cartoons out there that just rub me the wrong way, there are several that have been banned from my house completely.

1. Spongebob
– I dislike everything about that show. It is completely and totally obnoxious and I do not let the kids watch it. I can not stand how rude the show is, how dumb they make the characters, Spongebob’s laugh is more annoying then nails on a chalk board and there is no education or moral substance, it is simply stupid humor, which I do not like at all.

2. Caillou
– There is nothing that is really bad or inappropriate about this show, I just simply do not like it. I know a lot of moms and kids adore this show. I do not. He just whines so much and it really gets on my nerves.

3. 90% of shows on cartoon network
– I was going to make a list of them but really there are only a few I will let them watch. Shows like Chowder, Kickbuttowski, Adventure Time and the like are so dumb, overly violet and not kid material in my opinion.

Parenting in Public

Posted 03-28-2012 at 11:56 AM by Krista

Yes, I spank my children. Let’s get that out into the open right now, because I know there are many out there that deem this as wrong. I have read countless posts on this website where a mom acts embarrassed when she admits she spanked her child, and is afraid that others are going to lecture her for it. That makes little to no sense to me. As parents, we each have to decide what works for our children.

My oldest, Alison, responds to little else. Now, I do not spank her at the drop of the hat, and I do try to use time out and/or corner time, but there are times I have to do what works. I tend to use it when she deliberately hurts her sister—pushing, hitting, etc. which thankfully doesn’t occur often anymore—lying, and outright disobedience. For example, yesterday I took the girls to McDonald’s for lunch. Alison climbed in the play place and would not come down when our food arrived. This is something I have had problems with her before, and we have talked about it. I have explained to her
that she is welcome to play—I want her to play, but when I tell her to come down, that is what she has to do. If she disobeys me, she gets into trouble.

My father-in-law who came with us called her for three minutes straight. She kept saying no and then giggling. I took over and told her to come down. She was looking straight at me and disobeyed. I told her, in front of a room full of parents and their children, that is she continued to disobey, I would spank her. I told her she had to the count of three. When she had still not come down at three, I had to go up and get her. I am extremely claustrophobic, so it was doubly embarrassing and difficult for me.

When I climbed up to her, she tried to continue her game and get away.