Helping Your Child Feel Happy on Sick Days

Posted 03-28-2012 at 11:34 AM by whitneywalters

Now that my kids are getting older and starting to go more places I swear we are picking up every single sickness that has gone around this winter. Cold and flu season has been hard on our family this winter. Just since the beginning of this year along we have had colds, strep, bronchitis and a stomach bug go through the house and once one child is sick, it spread like wild fire.

No mom wants to watch her child suffer while sick and I know that I will do just about anything to make my child happy when I know they don’t feel good. Here is a list of things I do to make my little ones happy while they are under the weather.

1. Get comfy.
– Whenever my kids are sick they like to camp out on the couch and watch tv. I let them pick out their favorite show, snuggle them in with a pillow and blanket and just let them lounge.

2. Make food and drink fun.
– The last bout of sickness that ran through the house was strep. They felt awful and did not want to eat or drink anything. I was so scared that they were going to dehydrate so I was doing anything I could to make them eat. I bought them fun Popsicles that were shaped liked crayons, got a pack of crazy straws and offered to make them anything they wanted to eat. I did get them to drink enough to stay hydrated and they even ate a little chicken noodle soup and some grapes.

3. Reward them.
– Very few kids I know are overly willing to take their medicine and most kids are not very happy to go see the doctor. When I had to take my daughter in for a step test you would have thought the nurses were torturing her.  She cried, shut her mouth down and was not willing at all to let them do the test. After about ten minuets of fighting we finally got the test done and as a reward they brought her a sticker and plastic ring. At home I always offer a treat, such as gummies or a popsicle after they take their medicine.

Diaper Swapers

The Many Jobs of My Daughter

Posted 03-28-2012 at 10:29 AM by Mel

My husband and I always knew that we would homeschool our children and so far we are loving it!  Our daughters will be 6 and 3 within the next few months and we are taking an eclectic approach to homeschooling.  We are doing structured things, but we are also doing unstructured things as well.  There is so much to be said about a child’s ability to learn independently.  We do workbooks, literature, and unit studies, but I think right now the most important part of my oldest daughter’s education is what she is learning independently.  She has a very creative, entrepreneurial spirit in her and is always opening new businesses in my dining room.  She has an idea and then implements it.

This all started earlier this year while  I was doing laundry.   The kids were playing well together and I was really enjoying the sounds of laughter from the other room.  When I was done with the laundry and came out to the dining room I noticed chairs set up as displays and dozens of homemade paper airplanes.  The day before my husband had taught our almost six-year-old, Cadence, how to make paper airplanes.  She apparently had an idea that she could open up a paper airplane store.  She had a business sign, price tags, and even an open/closed sign for our front door!  She asked if she could call people and tell them that she was open for business.  She called her aunts, uncles, grandparents, and great grandparents and told them that she had a business.  She made $12 in just a couple days!  She was excited and was able to buy a Princess sticker dress-up book she had been wanting.  She learned so much from this experience, from counting money to working hard.  It was priceless, in my opinion, for her education.

Since then she has had various other businesses where she has made a couple dollars or just had fun doing it.  She has opened a library where she charged $1 per book to borrow them, she has colored and cut out paper dolls to sell, she has made a restaurant, and much more.  I think the funniest was when she decided she was a doctor.

Calling All Moms…

Posted 03-27-2012 at 01:00 PM by Krista

I don’t know about you, but being a stay at home mom can be quite lonely at times. Loneliness has been one of the main frustrations I have with staying at home, actually. At least when I worked I got adult interaction. I’m not sure if I can count my husband, J, in that category especially after he gets home from a nine hour shift! I know he does his best, but sometimes a mom just wants to be able to talk to other moms, right? No one understands us better.

All the frustrations, the challenges, the joy. How you can be so angry at your kid one moment, and fallen back in love with them the next. People without children would probably try to have us committed, but another mom gets it all. I have a wonderful best friend who has been with me for ten years now. I adore her, but we are at completely different places in our lives. She recently got engaged, whereas I have been married for eight years. I have two children, and she is not sure if she even wants them. While I know she adores my girls, when we hang out I know she’s wondering if I’ve lined up a sitter.

I am on a mom friend search right now.

Spring Cleaning

Posted 03-27-2012 at 11:40 AM by whitneywalters

Spring is almost here and for my house it is time to finish the declutter we started at the first of the year. We do spring cleaning every year but this year it is going to be more of a purge then anything else.

We are a family of six and we have way too much stuff in our house. My new year resolution was the get our house decluttered and I am happy to say that I am about half way done. I need to finish my kitchen and then do the rooms I was waiting till spring for. We have a three season porch, a basement, two sheds and a garage that all need to be gone through. After we declutter and purge those rooms I plan on doing a deep cleaning through out them.

Here is my check list for each room –
1. Anything that has not been used in a year (with the exception of keepsakes) goes.
– We will have three piles.
1. donate
2. sell
3. trash.

2.Organize everything kept properly. 
–  A big part of the clutter problem in the front porch is my fault. I love crafting and I have so much stuff out there it is a bit crazy. I need to organize what I have better so I can actually get to it when I need to use it for something. We have several three drawer storage units and I need to get my stuff into them

3. Wipe down all walls.
- The basement walls always get wet and we had some flooding last year. We did wipe them after the flood but I want them wiped with bleach water in hopes of getting the musty smell out.

Still a Baby

Posted 03-27-2012 at 11:21 AM by Krista

When my husband and I decided to begin trying for a new baby, we decided that our youngest, at sixteen months, needed to begin thinking that she is a “big girl.” Whenever my oldest, Alison, would call her a baby, I would respond with “No, Khalen is a BIG girl!”

We were forced to do this before, with Alison, when we found out that I was pregnant when she was a mere year old. We fast-tracked potty training, moving out of the crib, and other things that I had intended to wait a while on.

Now, under the memories of those times, I am already prepping my youngest to become a big sister herself. There will be more space between these two—I am not even pregnant yet!—but I want to be prepared. Last go around, I felt so rushed and frantic. I really, really wanted to have Alison potty trained, but it didn’t happen. I figure this time I have two advantages: for one, Khalen is eight months older than Ali was when I became pregnant with her sister. And the second one is that she is more interested in the potty training aspect because her older sister uses the potty. The big girl bed, on the other hand, doesn’t fare so well.

Mommy Burn-Out

Posted 03-26-2012 at 11:03 AM by Krista

I am a low point right now in my life. By the time you read this, maybe that will have changed. Maybe not. As moms, it is so very easy to feel under-appreciated. We are taken for granted on a daily, if not hourly basis. My daughters assume I will be there to kiss boo boos, to clap when they use the potty, to greet them when they wake in the morning. While these are all things that I enjoy, as you all know it can be tedious and un-fulfilling.

My husband works so very hard. He rarely, if ever, stays home from work. He has even been known to go in while running a fever. (Which, yes, I know isn’t healthy for him or his coworkers. Try telling him that, though!) I feel very grateful to have such a hardworking family man, but there are days I convinced he has it easier. Am I alone, or have you, too, at one point felt that way?

He has to go to work and deal with employees and customers. While I am sure both can be difficult at times, he manages and deals with adults. Some days I would kill for an adult conversation! You know what I find to be one of the hardest parts of being a mommy? Having to repeat myself constantly and still being nice about it.

Spoiled by Technology

Posted 03-26-2012 at 10:47 AM by HollyRay

Today is the first day I have had full access to internet in nearly two weeks. Thankfully I had a phone that had limited access to Facebook and my e-mail, but surfing, blog writing, and general merriment online came to a screeching halt when I moved into my new home. I live 6 miles from the biggest city center, and 4 miles from my husband’s duty station, yet there is no available internet connections in my area because it is so “rural”. I will admit, I was absolutely flabbergasted, it isn’t as if we live in the middle of no where, or way out it farm country, and while I knew I could “survive” without internet I didn’t realize how isolated I would feel without it.

The last two weeks, well they have been a bit dull, more due to living in a nearly empty house. Except for a few borrowed items such as pots and pans, a folding table and chairs, and a few tri-fold mattresses on my floor my house is totally empty. I also have no car, and the closest business establishment is a gas station just over a mile away.  While living this way is driving me absolutely batty, now that I have internet access again it all seems more bearable. I can stream music, movies, and chit chat with friends. I can print off homework pages, and have run across a website that has interactive lessons for my daughters, a benefit when they don’t have much to keep them  occupied either.

Breastfeeding in Public – Why so Taboo?

Posted 03-26-2012 at 10:34 AM by whitneywalters

I am a mom of four child, all who have been breast fed on demand and that did not matter where I was at the time. I have had my fair share of dirty looks and nasty comments. Mostly I brush them off but it does get to me a bit. I just do not understand why breast feeding is so taboo.

I will admit I am very sensitive to this subject and I want to share my story on why. When my oldest was only six months old I went through a pretty horrible experience over breastfeeding in public and breastfeeding pictures. I got a call from the Pastor of the church I was attending at the time asking if I could meet with him that evening. I thought it was going to be a meeting about expanding the nursery since it was something I was trying to do within the church. If I would have known what the meeting would have entailed, I never would have gone.

When I got there a friend of mine, her husband and son was there and so was the pastor, his wife and the council. I sat down and the Pastor pulled out a tape recorder and said he was recording this meeting in case their were questions later. That is when he pulled out pictures he had printed off my personal myspace page of me nursing my son and pictures of my friend nursing her son. The group started lecturing us both on the pictures, telling us it was like porn, called us some pretty horrible things and that we were causing our christian brother to stumble. He then told us that our nursing at church was making people uncomfortable and they had been getting calls saying people would not come to our church because o it. He also told me that nursing without a cover at my parents business was hurting their image.

DiaperSwappers Community

Posted 03-23-2012 at 10:15 AM by Krista

I was very excited to get this opportunity writing for Diaperswappers. I have wanted to be a writer my entire life, and this felt like a valid step forward. If nothing else, at least I am getting the chance to hone my skills by writing every day, as well as getting feedback from you, the readers. However, in accepting the position, as thrilling as it was my excitement was tinged with a bit of fear.

It is scary to share your life with others, even virtual strangers. I have always been afraid of rejection—in truth, I have received a lot of it in my life. Most of us have at least experienced it once, so you all know where I am coming from. We’re only human, and whether we mean to or not, we have a tendency to judge, and rather harshly at times. I was afraid to open myself up to that.

The first of my articles to get featured was “A Day in the Life” where I talked about how difficult motherhood could be. No matter how many times I read a post from a frustrated mama on one of the forums, there was still the fear that I would be ridiculed for expressing these feelings. Most of the mothers I know always have a smile on their faces, with perfectly groomed, beautifully dressed children. I’m sure their homes are spotless and their marriages happy. This is how I imagine it, anyway. I was afraid to open up and say motherhood is hard because who judges mothers more harshly than other mothers?

I’ve written about post-partum depression, miscarriage, and other sensitive topics that I doubt I’d have the courage to talk about face-to-face. Through it all the one thing that has been affirmed to me is that we are our own worst critics. You all have been very warm and empathetic, and I thank you for that. I thank you for “accepting” me and sharing your own experiences.

Financial Pot Hole

Posted 03-23-2012 at 10:05 AM by HollyRay

Do you ever have those days where by noon you feel likes it’s midnight? Today was one of those days.

Over the last two months I have drained all our savings, and maxed out one credit card, the only non in-store card we have. I knew this was going to happen, moving across the world isn’t cheap even when the military “pays for it.”  Money has been tight but not a big problem, after all we don’t have much debt. Then this morning happened.

Our paycheck came in, and it’s the wrong amount, by a LOT. I was most stressed about this paycheck to begin with because I had $100 to feed my family of four and nothing in my pantry because I’m still in a hotel. I had faith I could figure it out, and if I did it would be one amazing money saving recipe blog (spoiler alert!), but when the paycheck hit this morning and was nearly $1000 less then what it was supposed to be I literally broke down.

I started by calling the rental agency and explaining I couldn’t pay in full the amount needed to be paid tomorrow, they called my landlord who is former military and because all military have been there he’s letting me pay half now and half in two weeks. I called my student loan company, our only debt, in tears I explained I couldn’t pay this month, they told me since I overpay every month I actually didn’t owe anything at the moment and could get away with skipping a payment. I made considerable headway on our money problems by 10 am go me! However, I still only had enough to cover the move in bills and not enough to feed my children while the mix up with our pay was taken care of.