I wish people would parent their kids!

Posted 10-31-2012 at 10:08 AM by Heather8183

Before I had my own, I loved kids!  Now, most of them just annoy me.  I feel like a monster saying that, but it’s because so many people just choose to let their kids run amock rather than teach them to respect other people.

Before this gets nasty, I understand kids have bad days, I do too.  I understand some kids cannot help themselves; those aren’t the kids I’m talking about.  I’m talking about the kids shoving my son down the slide yesterday.  I’m talking about the nasty little boy calling my daughter a baby and then pushing her today.  THOSE are the kids that need to be taught respect.

I am very particular about my kids’ behavior.  You can judge me if you’d like, but I think at 6 and 3 1/2, they’re old enough to know how to behave and treat others.  I’ve spent most of their lives teaching and preaching the golden rule.  With every quarrel we go through, I ask, “How would you feel if…” or “Do you think you’d like it if…” or something along those lines.  I feel that it teaches them to think how their words and actions affect others, and I hope that in the coming months and years that they’ll master thinking that BEFORE they speak or act.

Diaper Swapers

The Best Cheese Straws

Posted 10-31-2012 at 09:12 AM by Krista

The main reason I get inspired to cook is because I am money conscious. (My husband calls it cheap, but I like my way of putting it better!) I adore cheese straws. Seriously, they are one of my favorite things ever. It’s that serious. However, they easily go for $6 a box or more, and at that price I don’t get them that often. Actually, I’d recently discovered a bakery by my house that has the most melt in your mouth cheese straws that I’ve ever tasted. They’re seventy cents apiece, however, so also too rich for my blood. Bearing this all in mind, I decided to try to take it on. I don’t have a lot of confidence in my cooking, so even though I found a recipe online and got the ingredients it still took me a few days to give it a try. When I did I sure was glad I had! Here is the recipe:

Life with a three year old

Posted 10-31-2012 at 09:12 AM by whitneywalters

My three year old daughter is a handful. She is absolutely adorable, too smart for her own good, very lovable and can be super sweet but she is also wild, stubborn and makes our lives very interesting at times. If Kairi doesn’t want to do something, then she is not going to do without a fight. I also tell my husband that she got this from him because according to his mother, he was just like her as a baby and toddler. I was a very mellow child and sometimes wish she would have gotten some of those traits.

I am sure everyone has heard the saying that silence is golden unless you are a toddler, then it is suspicious. I am pretty sure that this saying was made for Kairi. As much as any mom enjoys peace and quiet in a day, I know that when Kairi is being completely quiet, it most likely means she is doing something naughty.

One day here recently we had some pretty bad thunder storms, it ended up waking Kairi and I both up at five thirty in the morning. I took her out to the living room and tried to get her to lay down with me on the couch, it was not happening. She decided it was time to be awake and there was no way I was getting her to go back to sleep. Well, she was way over tired and when she gets over tired, it makes her get flat out naughty. I spent all morning chasing her around the house, keeping her out of everything, stopping her from dumping the dog’s food into the water dish, ripping up every piece of paper she could find, she stripped naked a total of eight times and stuck her feet into the toilet to go swimming and decided that her older sister’s mermaid barbie needed to swim in the fish tank. All that was before lunch time. In the midst of all her trouble making, I tried doing stuff to keep her entertained  we colored, she ripped the book, tried to read, she pushed the book away and wanted down, watched her favorite cartoon, it only entertained her for about ten minuets and tried to play with her several times but she just wanted to do something she was not suppose to do instead. Whenever I would stop her from doing whatever task she currently had to decided she had to do, she would throw a huge fit.

Ah…the smell of fall is in the air!

Posted 10-30-2012 at 11:30 AM by Heather8183

I love fall!  I’d be willing to bet that at least 50% of the people with a favorite season would say it’s fall.  I know most of my family and friends prefer autumn over the other seasons.

I enjoy when the temperature drops and the days are cool, and the nights are even cooler.  I feel like I’ve never had better sleep than a cool fall night, covered with a thick comforter, with the window open a crack, and the fan running.  That is my ideal sleeping weather.

The colors of fall make me swoon.  Driving through the country in the fall, it’s hard for me to imagine that there are people who believe God doesn’t exist.  There is no man that can create such a beautiful scene!  The vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows, brighten my mood every time I look outside.

One of my favorite things about autumn is the smell.  The air smells so crisp!  Most evenings, the smell of a bonfire floats on a cool breeze as the dry leaves float to the ground.  The smell of fall takes me back to my childhood, raking leaves into a giant pile and then jumping in, only to do it all over again, giggling the whole time!  These are the memories I try to make for my kids too…the leaves, the pumpkins, apple picking, and corn mazes!

Every fall we have a party at DH’s parents’ house.  My sister in law and I think we’re hilarious, so we dubbed it the Farty.  Fall+party=Farty!  We get together with family and long time friends and spend the evening eating, drinking, and having tons of fun catching up.  We always have a bonfire, with lots of smores and hobo pie fixins.  This to me is what life’s all about.  A cool fall evening, family, friends, and food.  It doesn’t get any better!

How do you celebrate in the fall?

Keeping my attitude in check

Posted 10-30-2012 at 10:46 AM by whitneywalters

It is never easy for a parent to admit when they are in the wrong but I know it is an important thing to do. As for me, running on little to no sleep for days on end due to a grumpy teething baby, along with financial stress and everyday life had put me into a bit of a bad mood. I had been short with the kids, had a low level of patience and not overly pleasant to deal be around. This is not the way I want to raise my kids and when they brought it to my attention, I felt bad.

I get on them about keeping their attitudes in check and yet I was not following my own rule. I apologized to them. I should not have let everything make me grumpy and I told them I would try to have a better attitude. I told them it was only fair that if they are expected to have a good attitude, then so is mommy.

Let me tell you this though, trying to keep a good attitude while tired and stressed is not an easy task. I would catch myself slipping and I would give myself a “time out”. I would step away from whatever the situation was, take deep breaths, relax and then revisit whatever was going on before. It took effort on my part but it worked.

Off to See the Mouse

Posted 10-30-2012 at 10:45 AM by Krista

In about a week’s time we will be leaving for our first family trip to Disneyworld. My girls are aged almost four, and two. Now, I had always said I would never take my kids to Disneyworld until they were old enough to remember it, but that was in part because I’d never been myself. My husband cajoled, encouraged and down-right begged to get me to go last year in May.

Being the financial expert of our family—and sometimes a down-right tight wad—I grumbled about the cost. It is, by no measure, a small expense. Especially when you stay on property, as my husband prefers to do. However, by the end of our time there, I was a convert. The first thing I wanted to do when I got home was pack up the girls and take them back.

We didn’t, of course. I did mention I am the conscientious one concerning our finances. If it had been up to my husband, he might have done it! We did book our trip for the following year, however, and have been anxiously awaiting it ever since. As excited as I am to go, however, if my daughter asks about going to see Minnie Mouse one more time I might scream!

Who are you?

Posted 10-29-2012 at 10:08 AM by Heather8183

I think at some time, we all struggle with who we are.  While DH is a nit picker and notices every minute detail, I am a “whole picture” type of person.  So, most of the time, I take what I’m dealt and know that tomorrow’s another day.  It’s not very often that I sit down and really analyze who I am.  But with my mom’s death, and realizing that there’s basically a non-existent relationship with my dad, I’ve spent a lot of time soul searching and I’ve figure out a lot of stuff about myself.

I’m a giver.  Since I can remember, I’ve spent my money on other people.  I remember being probably 10, and having some money.  There was a single guy at our church with a baby, and you could obviously tell they weren’t well off.  I spent every bit of my money on stuff for that baby.  Another example, my dad’s girlfriend, whom I cannot stand, just had her daughter drop off 4 of her grandkids and leave them with nothing.  I went to Walmart and bought 2 booster seats for the youngest, so they would be safe.  Every vacation we ever went on when I was a child, I spent my money buying gifts for other people.  My heart is broken for the less fortunate, and those in need.

I hate confrontation.  I have never talked back to either of my parents until just a few weeks ago, at age 29.  I would rather suffer through, than to confront someone and tell them how I feel.  I hate being emotional, but I cry when I’m angry.  I don’t want people to think I’m weak so I keep it all in, and more often than not, I joke about it.

I love to laugh.  I am constantly making jokes, and I find myself absolutely hilarious.  Thankfully, most other people do as well.  Otherwise, it would just be awkward.  I’m the person that laughs at inappropriate times.  I know it’s wrong, but I really just can’t help it. Seeing someone fall (as long as they’re ok) or a fart in a quiet church set me off.  Sometimes I snort.  I was Valedictorian of my high school class, and voted most likely to succeed AND class clown.

Soothing a sore bottom

Posted 10-29-2012 at 10:01 AM by whitneywalters

Amelia is  getting her molars right now and every time she is teething, she gets diarrhea and this means a diaper rash for her. It does not matter if I change her the moment she is dirty, she still gets a rash.  Her rashes get bad, really red, open sores and painful for her all around. I hate making her cry at diaper changes because it hurts to clean her off.

I have been doing all the normal things people say to do to help her feel better faster. Things like keeping her extra dry, I have been changing her almost twice as often as I usually need to. I am using her CJ’s ointment at every single diaper change and really slathering it on her, we have been leaving her diaper free several times through out the course of the day, she has been wearing a fitted diaper and I am leaving her cover-less and letting her soak in the bath a couple times a day. These things are helping sooth her rash and it does clear up but then she starts getting another tooth and we start the whole process all over again.

Right now she is fifteen months old and she has 11 teeth, she is working on her fourth molar but it is not out yet. It looks like her canines are not far behind as well. Honestly I think it is good that she is getting all her teeth pretty fast, that way she can get them out of the way and get a break from the pain of cutting teeth and the rashes that seem to go along with it.

Following God

Posted 10-29-2012 at 09:59 AM by Krista

Following God’s will can be extremely difficult at times. More difficult is accepting that we have to wait for His will to be revealed. I can only speak for myself, but I am a impatient person. During my school years teachers would often remind me that patience is a virtue. I have passed this phrase on to my daughters, but it is advice I am loathe to follow.

These days, surrounded by everyday concerns and duties like keeping the house clean and paying bills my mind keeps returning to one thought: having a baby. When my husband and I first attempted to start a family, each month felt like another failure. Eventually I began taking medication to aid us in our attempt to conceive. The result is my three year old daughter, Alison.

Our second child, also a girl, was quite a surprise to us. After having Alison, and the journey that that entailed, we believed we would have to go through the same process to become pregnant again. Instead, we became pregnant on the one evening we neglected birth control. Just like that. While we adore Khalen, and I truly cannot imagine life without her enthusiasm and love, at that time I seriously questioned God’s will. I didn’t think I was ready for another baby, I didn’t think I could handle it. Two years later, I am thankful for His wisdom in knowing me better than I know myself.

Despite using birth control persistently—I’d never had another slip up since the one that brought our second daughter—I became pregnant a third time, not quite a year ago. I lost that pregnancy after only a few short weeks, and I was devastated. How could a loving God take away a child?

Getting Over Cooking Fears

Posted 10-26-2012 at 11:10 AM by Krista

I got married at the tender young age (have you ever wondered where that expression came from?) of eighteen. I have never been what would be considered a “natural” in the kitchen, and although I did want to learn my mother and sister often shooed me away right when I would begin working on something. I either wasn’t stirring the mix right or I was taking it out of the oven too soon…whatever the reason, they both assumed I was on my way to messing up a nice box cake or what have you, and would take over.

I grew up assuming I was a disaster in the kitchen without really ever having had a chance. My first few attempts at cooking when I first got married did end in near disastrous results. Sometimes we even threw the food away and ordered takeout. I found my savior in the form of hamburger helper and frozen meals that even I couldn’t screw up. Well, not entirely anyway.

The first time I had a baby I began exploring the idea of making my own baby food. It seemed like a daunting task given my history, but I found it quite easy. Buoyed by that success—I mean, my adorable baby ate it and made it through the night without vomiting and/or becoming a mutant monster baby, so it must have be OK, right?—I began trying things out. I still relied mostly on boxed dinners, but I dabbled a little here, a little there. Even as I became more confidant in my cooking old habits were hard to break. Hey, it’s less time consuming and easy cleanup. Hard to beat that.