2013 Resolutions

Posted 02-4-2013 at 09:52 AM by Krista

A new year brings in new resolutions. A clean slate that you can use to start anew. We’re well into Februaryary, the Christmas trees have been thrown out, the ornaments boxed up—hopefully. If not, you need to get right on that!—and the New Year has been rung in properly with kisses and champagne toasts. I made a few resolutions. I do every year. How about you?

You know, I am a pretty insecure person, and I am always questioning my abilities as a wife and mother. So this year I decided to try to put some of those insecurities away by focusing on what I could do to be better. What could I do differently, specifically, that I would consider being a better parent? I could spend more time with my girls, and have more fun. Often, my husband describes me as the joy-kill because I wear the responsible adult hat too often (so he says, but I don’t believe it!).

What could I do, specifically, to be a better wife? You’re going to laugh, but the answer is spend more time with him and yes, have more fun! So, in a way that makes my job easier because I just want to do the same thing for both of them. I am working on those things, and I really feel that if I accomplish them I will feel better about my relationship with both my husband and kids. That’s new year’s resolution number one.

The second one is—you guessed it!—lose weight. Now, I know everyone makes this one, but I am serious this time! Really. Honestly, I have gained weight for the past eight years of our marriage, and while for the last two or three I have only maintained it, I am ready to get serious about shedding some pounds! Hubby and I are going to join a gym Monday and get to losing. We are racing to forty pounds. He has me at a disadvantage being that men lose weight faster and that I have PCOS, but what the heck, maybe it will keep us both motivated.

And lastly, I want this time next year to be more financially fit. We’re on a cash only system that I am hoping we will continue that seems to be helping our debt stay down—when we can stick to it, that is!

What about you? Did you make any resolutions? How long do you think we can all keep them?

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