Church Hunting

Posted 02-12-2013 at 11:53 AM by Krista

I posted in the forums a while ago about leaving the church we’d been attending for almost three years. We have some fond memories at that church. We renewed our vows at that church, and were able to do a fancy affair we’d been planning for so long, as we’d gotten married at the court house five years earlier. Both of my daughters were baptized there by a pastor we dearly loved.

However, we got into a place where we felt outside of the group we belonged to…and there were a lot of hurt feelings. I don’t think I will ever get over it completely, and as a result I am very skeptical but… we really need a church home. Our girls in particular need a chance to socialize with kids their age and a chance to learn more about God.

We are starting a new church tomorrow, our first attempt in almost a month. It is a big church, so it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. I am hoping it might be the one for us though! Prayers would be muchly appreciated!

Diaper Swapers

Down with the Pounds

Posted 02-11-2013 at 10:07 AM by Krista

I’m not going to lie, I’m addicted to food. I mean, this is America after all home of the overeater and land of the Golden Arches. I know I’m not alone. But really, while that knowledge might offer me some comfort as I try to zip up a dress that’s gotten too small, it doesn’t help with the problem. In fact, it only encourages it, really.

Surround yourself with a bunch of skinny chicks, and I bet you start eating a lot of salads. That, or get chronically depressed, I’m not sure which. Anyway, I say all of this to bring me to an actual point—I promise. My doctor told me that one step to take to get pregnant again would be to lose ten pounds.

I instantly jumped on board. I want to have another baby almost more than I’ve wanted anything. Losing ten pounds isn’t that much of a sacrifice. I know that, and yet it doesn’t make it any easier to do. It seems like ever since he told me to do that I can’t stop stuffing my face with processed meat and candy coated sugar. In fact, rather than losing a single pound I have gained four!

Keeping my house cleaner

Posted 02-8-2013 at 12:04 PM by whitneywalters

We are a family of six, living in a decent sized home. I wish we had more space but we make do with what we have. One of the biggest problems we have when it comes to keeping our house clean is a lack of organization and to much clutter. Last year we donated more items then I can count to our local Goodwill, we sold a lot of stuff and we gave a lot away to friends and family. We are doing the same thing this year, you wouldn’t think we would still have this much stuff but we do and we need to downsize.

I recently spent an entire day cleaning the whole downstairs of my house. The rooms down stairs are the kitchen, living room, my bedroom, nursery and bathroom. I cleaned them top to bottom, decluttered them and made sure everything was sparkling clean. It was a large undertaking but it felt so good to get it done. Now that it is done, it should be a lot easier to keep it looking this way.

The nursery is a pretty small room so it is fairly easy to clean up and keep looking nice. The biggest thing is putting away toys and vacuuming. It generally only takes about 5 minuets of work each day. Once a week or so I will wash windows and vacuum all the edges.

The living room will take more work, we spend most of our time in that room. Each day my plan is to pick up, wipe off the kids table and chairs, sweep, mop and vacuum the rugs. It only takes about fifteen minuets of work a day to keep my living room looking nice. Once a week I will clean windows, dust off all surfaces and do any other cleaning that needs done.

Waiting for an Answer

Posted 02-8-2013 at 11:59 AM by Krista

Something is off with me lately. I have little appetite, body aches, particularly in the ovaries and my back. I called the nurse line and the nurse said she thought it might be my kidneys, but wanted to treat for a urinary tract infection first. I have been taking the pills but they aren’t helping. Oh, and I should have mentioned I am tired all the time and also have to go to the bathroom much more frequently.

We have been trying to get pregnant, so a lot of this I put off as possible pregnancy symptoms. I got my period today, so of course that can’t be it—which I already knew because I’d taken a test. I immediately scheduled a doctor’s appointment. I could tell right away that he didn’t think I had a UTI, which proved to be correct after a urine test. He had blood drawn for more testing, and it seems like he has his theories but he said he didn’t want to speculate. I am waiting for a phone call tomorrow. I hate waiting. The anxiety drives me crazy.

I always pray before an appointment that God will give the doctor wisdom and let him find what’s wrong with me. Nothing is worse than being in pain and having a doctor say that you’re fine. I will keep you guys posted—I am hoping to have an answer and a fix soon. Prayers would be appreciated.

Valentine’s Day

Posted 02-7-2013 at 03:26 PM by Krista

Ah, the day of love. It is quickly approaching, as evidenced by the rows of candy, fake flowers and giant stuffed animals that are invading all of our stores. Romance is in the air. Along with strong perfume and singing cards! More trademarks of this beloved holiday!

Now, we can admit it: this is a woman’s holiday! I mean, what man really gets excited about cologne or boxers with hearts on them? These are token gifts we give our men hoping they bring in the loot. I don’t think jewelry commercials run with more frequency than around Valentine’s Day. With that being said, I’m surprised February’s birthstone isn’t a diamond!

My husband and I rarely do much for Valentine’s Day. It’s not that I have any particular stance against it, it’s just that I feel like it’s up to him to plan something special. More often than not, he forgets, so we stay in. I forgive him, based on the fact that I don’t believe our love has to be celebrated on one day. So often he does spontaneously sweet things for me, and they’re not any less sweet just because they’re not on Valentine’s Day. In fact, in a way that makes them more sweet. It’s easier to be romantic when it’s expected, right?

Kids These Days

Posted 02-6-2013 at 01:33 PM by Krista

I recently wrote an article about being freaked out about the expectations for my daughter, at four years old. She has not even been four for a month, and I have been told that she is far behind her same aged peers. She should be able to work out patterns, count to ten, and be able to write her name. Also, she should be able to read simple words. All of this, I was told, she will be expected to know by the time she enters kindergarten, and really, preschool expects she already know how to do it when she comes in.

Talk about shell shocked. As a parent, we try to do everything for our kids. We want to make sure they have every advantage that we can give them, and like any well-intentioned mother, I thought I had been doing that. She knows her colors. That’s good, right? She can count to six. I know it’s not perfect, but… good enough? Apparently not.

The good news is that with a December birthday like she has, we have more than two years before she will be entering school. I can do a lot with that time. While the woman who gave me this happy news seemed doubtful that my child would be able to qualify for a good school with her being behind currently, I am not going to buy into that. We have two years! She can learn so much in that time, and will without my teaching her anything, which I have already started. We are working together twice a day for twenty minutes each and I intend to do that five days a week until school starts.


Posted 02-6-2013 at 01:33 PM by whitneywalters

Do you think lying to your kids is okay? Is it okay sometimes but not others? I recently read this article and I was pretty shocked about what I read and some of the comments left by people. I could not believe some of the things people lie to their kids about. I do not lie to my kids about rewards, ever. I find that to be completely unacceptable. If my kids are promised a reward for doing something, they get that reward. I use rewards as a learning tool and I do not want my kids to think my word is not trustworthy. In this house we believe that you always keep your promises. I also think lying to your kids to make them behave is wrong. I can admit that I did get frustrated and told my kids I was going to leave without them once and I immediately felt bad for saying it. We were running late and they were being super slow about getting ready to go. Honestly, thinking about what I threatened to do made me feel terrible so I apologized and tried explaining that we were late and needed to hurry.  I would rather not have my kids thinking I would leave them anywhere.

We do believe in Santa, the Easter bunny and the Tooth Fairy but I do not consider that a lie, it is make believe play to us. It is a tradition and fun. I know some consider this a lie, that is just not the case for us.

Planning Vacations

Posted 02-4-2013 at 10:58 AM by Krista

My mom always says that she’s glad I got her “travel bug.” While it’s true that I love to see and experience new things, I don’t often get a chance to do that. Money and time are big factors. We recently had some friends from Australia come to stay with us, and sad to say, we may never be able to repay the favor as airplane tickets are very expensive. Last time I checked, it was several thousand to get tickets. Then again, so it would be for Europe…sadly, my travel bug may have to content itself to the continental United States.

That said, my husband and I are discussing our vacations for this year. We have a pretty tight budget, and as such we typically do beach and/or camping trips. It looks like my husband is wanting to do something a bit more exciting, shake it up a bit this year. Originally he wanted to do a week long getaway to his hometown in Texas. I have never been, and he really wants to show it to me and the girls. Unless that comes through (again, time and money) we will have to stay closer to home. We have kind of restricted ourselves to the beach and campgrounds for so long that I honestly don’t know where to start.

2013 Resolutions

Posted 02-4-2013 at 09:52 AM by Krista

A new year brings in new resolutions. A clean slate that you can use to start anew. We’re well into Februaryary, the Christmas trees have been thrown out, the ornaments boxed up—hopefully. If not, you need to get right on that!—and the New Year has been rung in properly with kisses and champagne toasts. I made a few resolutions. I do every year. How about you?

You know, I am a pretty insecure person, and I am always questioning my abilities as a wife and mother. So this year I decided to try to put some of those insecurities away by focusing on what I could do to be better. What could I do differently, specifically, that I would consider being a better parent? I could spend more time with my girls, and have more fun. Often, my husband describes me as the joy-kill because I wear the responsible adult hat too often (so he says, but I don’t believe it!).

What could I do, specifically, to be a better wife? You’re going to laugh, but the answer is spend more time with him and yes, have more fun! So, in a way that makes my job easier because I just want to do the same thing for both of them. I am working on those things, and I really feel that if I accomplish them I will feel better about my relationship with both my husband and kids. That’s new year’s resolution number one.

My ever growing grocery bill

Posted 02-4-2013 at 09:51 AM by whitneywalters

I am sure that I am not the only person that has noticed the ever rising price of food. We are spending a lot more on food lately then we ever had before. I know part of it is that my children are getting older so they are eating more but I also know a lot of it is caused by the price of food. We are trying to get rid of debt so a larger grocery bill wasn’t really in the budget. This means I need to find more ways to cut down on what we are spending at the store.

I am not really a couponer. I have tried it in the past and it ended up being a waste of my time. The items that usually had coupons were just things we did not use a lot of. I do use them from time to time if I see something I know we would use but for the most part coupons are not a part of my savings routine. I do check the store ads each week and do the majority of our shopping based on what is on sale. Hyvee recently started a fuel saver program. We signed up right away, saving money on gas is a huge help to us.

When the store I buy most of our meat at does have a good sale, I will stock up (within reason). I always have them package it in meal sized portions (as in if buying five pounds of hamburger, I have it packaged in one pound packages and the like), it helps to stop waste and gives me a better idea of what I have in my deep freeze.

Meal planning is a huge help for me to save money on groceries. Knowing what I need makes it easy to make a list I can stick to and having that list helps to stop impulse buys. I usually do a two week meal plan in my blog. I try to do all my shopping in one trip but I usually have to go back to get milk, juice and fruit since we go through those items the fastest. Meal planning has been a money saver and a time a saver for me. I highly recommend it to anyone.