Easter traditions

Posted 03-18-2013 at 10:14 AM by whitneywalters

Easter is just around the corner, I am really excited since it is a pretty big deal in our family. We do the same things each year but we love our Easter traditions.

A couple weeks before Easter we will do some Easter related activities.  We will do crafts, Easter related work pages for school, read Easter stories and watch Easter shows. The weekend before Easter our town hosts an Easter egg hunt, as long as the weather is good then we take the kids.

Our day starts at church, we all dress up, the kids each get a new outfit and Chris and I usually wear something we already have. Then we head out to the Easter breakfast that our church puts on, after service we head out to my parents house. Early in the morning my parents or I hid a ton of Easter eggs. Last year we hid over 100 ( We learned over the years to make sure to count each one and try to remember where we hide them. Over the years my Dad has found several with the lawn mower later in the year. )

After a nice family lunch we head out and let the kids do the egg hunt. They always have a ton of fun. When the egg hunt is over we go back in the house and let them have their Easter baskets. They get pretty spoiled since they get a basket from Grandparents on both sides, a basket from us and then a treat from Aunts and Uncles. We also color eggs. The kids usually get to do this twice, once at home with Chris and I and then again out at my parents house. We spend the rest of the day playing games, doing some Easter related crafts, eating candy and hanging out with family. Then we have a nice family dinner before everyone heads home.

Diaper Swapers

What We Are Fighting For

Posted 03-15-2013 at 08:47 AM by Krista

School is hard. I mean, I remember at least once a week since I began school thinking I couldn’t wait until I graduated, so that I didn’t have to go to school anymore. I didn’t really plan on college—what was the point? I was going to be a famous writer, anyway. I didn’t need to go to college for that.

When my husband began asking me about it, he got the same answer. He was less happy to accept that than my parents had been, so he persisted. And then, when we had kids he pointed out that if something happened to him I would need a way to be gainfully employed when the life insurance money ran out. While he’s right, it often seems nowdays a college degree doesn’t guarantee gainful employment, or even less than OK employment. But that’s neither here nor there.

I did start school, when my baby girl A was less than nine months old. It was after my first semester that I discovered I was pregnant again. Ever since then I have been scraping by with two or three classes a semester. It feels like the end will never be here, and I could kick myself for waiting until I had kids to start. Wait a moment while I try.

I am taking my least favorite subject at the moment: math. And for some reason, I always delude myself into believing that I can study while taking care of them. Annnnttt!! Wrong. I don’t need a game show buzzer to tell me that.

Right now I’m feeling really burned out and frustrated. I want to give up almost every single day. Forget setting a good example, forget gainful employment. I’ll just tell J to up the life insurance policy, shall I?

Keeping the cold away

Posted 03-15-2013 at 08:46 AM by whitneywalters

I have written a couple of posts about my three year old daughter being allergic to the cold and the hardships we have been facing. With winter in full swing here in Iowa we have been having more struggles.

We have had some snow in the last couple months and Kairi has really been wanting to go outside. I was really nervous about it but after another snow storm we decided to brave. We bundled her from head to toe and took her out. She did not last five minutes before she was screaming to go in the house. She had taken her glove off and stuck her hand in the snow when we first went out, I got her glove on right away but the damage was already done. I got her in the house and pulled her glove off to see that her hand was redder than a radish and completely broken out. Kairi had no desire to go back outside that day.

A couple of weeks after that we got another snow storm, we were out at my parents and my dad was pulling the older kids around on the sled. Kairi really wanted to go out again but I was really worried since she did not do well last time. My dad offered to take her on a four wheeler ride around the yard if I got her all bundled up. It was not real windy that day so I thought this might actually be a good way for her to enjoy being outside, without being in the snow. She had a blast, we checked her every couple of minutes to see

I Do Not Need My Mom

Posted 03-13-2013 at 03:28 PM by HollyRay

I know, the horror right? Don’t get me wrong, I adore my mother, but I no longer NEED my mom. I came right out and stated that I didn’t need my mom,  moms everywhere are gasping and falling out of their chairs. I think it is important that we learn to no longer need our parents, for both their sake and ours. I’m sure you are sitting their thinking I have resigned my mother to a corner, secretly plotting her move to assisted living, but that is simply not the case.

My mom is a constant positive in my life and the lives of my children. She is a source of love, a comfort to my mommy meltdowns, and an every present supporter of my husband and I. I WANT my mom in my life, but I don’t need her, and I say that not to be hurtful, but so that she knows how much she means to me. I think it is important that both parent and child make this distinction when the relationship goes from adolesant to adult. Far too often I hear “I’m so upset because xyz…don’t they understand that I need him/her”. I understand that “need” comes from a place of love, but it also leads to a large amount of dysfunction in a relationship. Here are a few reasons I don’t need my mom.

Miss Independent

Posted 03-13-2013 at 03:18 PM by Krista

Raising an independent little girl isn’t something I ever gave much thought to. My little Ali just popped out that way. People don’t believe me when I say this, but she wanted very little help from me even as a baby. We got accustomed to doing our own thing unless she needed to be fed or changed. Otherwise, I just seemed to annoy her when I would do anything for her.

A good example is when she was three months old. She had a pacifier in her mouth and it kept slipping out. I kept putting it back in, because she’d always loved it before. I was getting a little annoyed as she kept dropping it out of her mouth, and I could tell she was getting frustrated, too. Just not for the reason I thought. Finally, I kid you not, she grasped that pacifier and threw it.

I was stunned. Amazed, even. I knew then that my girl was independent, and she liked to do things on her own. She has always been and I have a feeling that will never change. She is barely four, and she already makes her own sandwiches. I think it’s great that she likes to do things for herself, but like I said that has very little to do with my parenting, good or otherwise. She came this way.

The difference between her and her sister is amazing. K would love it if I did everything for her. She is over two and still wants me to carry her everywhere. It wouldn’t have bothered me if I hadn’t gotten accustomed to Miss Independent! I have recently read articles about parents who want their kids to be

Kids and their rooms

Posted 03-8-2013 at 03:17 PM by whitneywalters

We had been having an ongoing battle with our two oldest kids. They had been refusing to keep their rooms cleaned. Chris and I had tried everything we could think of to motivate them. We tried a reward system, it worked for a short time and then they did not seem to care anymore. We tried taking toys away and it did not seem to phase them, we tried groundings and so many other things.

Finally one weekend we got sick of it and just did it ourselves. We went through their rooms top to bottom and cleaned. Anything that was broken was thrown out, toys they no longer played with were donated, everything was organized. It took us several hours, several bags of trash and several bags to donate but we got it done and it looked great.

Then we sat the kids down and had a very serious talk with them. We showed them all the work we did, showed them that every toy had a place and then we told them what was expected of them and what would happen if they did not meet those expectations.

When mom is sick – Part 1

Posted 03-6-2013 at 11:37 AM by whitneywalters

I have been dealing with some stomach pain for quite a while. It actually first started back in 2009 when I was pregnant with my third child. I went into the ER several times and they kept saying it was different things. They never did figure out what was wrong. Fast forward two years without any pain and then, Bam! more attacks while pregnant with my youngest. This time I just dealt with the pain since they never figured it out before. After her birth I seemed to be okay again. I chalked it up to one of those pregnancy things. Then one night about eight months ago it started again, so I started doing my own research.

I had cholestatis when pregnant with Amelia. I found out it is very common for your gallbladder to go bad when pregnant and cholestatis ups those chances even more. All the symptoms fit. At that time I did not have insurance so I was doing my best to deal with it for a couple more months by changing my diet. It seemed to be working and then one day I had a really bad attack. I was doubled over in pain, crying and nothing was helping. After dealing with the pain for over twelve hours I caved and headed to the ER. I told them my concerns but they did not believe that was the cause. Instead they said it was GERD, sent me home with meds and that was that.

Over the next few months I tried using the medicine and avoiding certain food that would make GERD worse. I thought it was working but then

Not Quite Rotten

Posted 03-6-2013 at 11:36 AM by Krista

There is something disturbing I’ve noticed about my two-year old lately. Something that all parents dread discovering—and are happy to remain oblivious to; even if they will become enraged if anyone were to point it out to us…

Yes, that’s right: my youngest has become…well, to put it bluntly…she’s a bit of a brat. There, I’ve said it. But far from feeling relief from this admission, I am fearful of judgment, which each Mommy is only too used to. It comes with the territory.

I don’t know what happened. I mean, K has always been a bit more clingy than her older sister…OK,  make that a lot more, but still. Friends assured me that she was the “normal” one and A was the odd ball. So, I indulged her clinginess as much as I have been able to do and stay sane, and now, I have to admit I am getting rather sick of it.

It’s my own fault, really. Since my husband and I have been trying so unsuccessfully to have another child, I have indulged K a bit more than I should…held her a bit more, babied her a tad. After all, every time I look at her I know she might be the last baby I ever have. Not that I’m saying that is a good excuse to spoil a child just that it makes it easy to do.

Indoor activities to keep the cold away

Posted 03-4-2013 at 11:18 AM by whitneywalters

Having a daughter that is allergic to being cold while living in Iowa can be difficult during the winter months. She has been able to go outside a couple of 00times on a few of our warmer cold days but overall we have to keep her inside because it has been so cold. If the weather is below 30 degrees, we do not let her out at all. This also has been limiting the time that the older kids get to spend outside also, I do not let them outside alone, they are to young. My husband has been working overtime so by the time he gets home and we have dinner, it is dark. One of us does take the older two outside more on the weekends but during the week we have to find indoor entertainment for us all.

This is a list of top five activities that we have been doing for some extra entertainment around here.

1. Indoor play place.
Locally we have Dairy Queen that has an indoor play area in it. We do spend time there but whenever I can I drive the 45 minutes to Des Moines so we can play at the mall play areas. There is more for Amelia and Kairi at the mall than DQ. They are too small to climb on the top level at DQ while they can do everything in the play area.