I Should Have Just Started With The All In One To Begin With

Posted 08-28-2013 at 01:41 PM by happysmileylady

I use cloth diapers because I am frugal.  My husband would use the word cheap.  Regardless of the term used, I am always looking for the least expensive way to do things.  Unfortunately, this has occasionally meant that I have not gotten the best value for my money.  The same was true when I first began to use cloth.  I really didn’t want to spend a bunch of money up front, so I tried some cheaper options first, but it is going to cost me more now than it would have if I had just bought all in one diapers in the first place.

When I started cloth diapering, I decided to try my hand at making my own diapers.  After all, I had a bunch of fabric already.  I located a free pattern online and went to work.  I made 3 or 4 diapers to start.  I used flannel and fleece, in the hopes that the fleece would act as a waterproof layer.  And for a time, it worked, sort of.  Then at Christmas time, my dad was holding my youngest daughter when she peed, all over him, through the diaper.  Clearly, my first attempt was not working.

Next, I tried Wal-Mart’s cloth diapers.  These did work substantially better than my homemade diapers, but not well enough.  First, they constantly leaked out the sides.  Then, when washing, the Velcro never stayed put and I always ended up with diapers stuck together.  In addition to that, the Velcro became less sticky very quickly so the diapers were constantly coming off, often assisted by the child wearing the diaper.

Finally I bought some Flips.  I started by purchasing a few used ones.  These fit just about every need.  They had snaps which made it much more difficult for the diapers to be intentionally removed so I have fewer stripping incidents.  The snaps also prevented the issue of the diapers sticking together, plus snaps don’t wear out like Velcro.  The Flip system is also substantially easier to manage than the Wal-Mart system was.  Lay the insert in, snap the cover and you are done.  Plus, everything

Diaper Swapers

Restarting My Newborn Stash

Posted 08-28-2013 at 01:33 PM by whitneywalters

I recently found out that I am expecting, my due date is March 1st but I am pretty sure this baby will be born in mid February. This pregnancy is very much so a surprise and after the shock wore off, I realized, I have very little in my stash for a newborn.

After my fourth was born, my husband did not want anymore children. So I ended up getting rid of everything we had that was newborn. About a year and a half later, he changed his mind and said a fifth was not out of the question but he wanted to wait for two more years. That is when I decided it was time to start collecting diapers and woolies slowly, two years would be plenty of time to get a very nice newborn stash ready.

All I have for a newborn right now is three fitteds,  a wool wrap, a wool sleep sack and a pair of longies. My friend is selling me some prefolds and covers that she no longer needs since her little one outgrew them. I have a few things I have saved back from Amelia but they will not work for the newborn stage. I know now that I need to get going on my stash if I want to have a nice one built before this baby is born.

The plan I have right now is to keep trading for items as I can, to buy at least one item each payday and to use whatever paypal I get in between to buy items for the baby. I have also worked out a knitting deal with a close friend of mine, she is going to knit a good portion of my newborn/small stash and I will be making payments on those items.

I do know to knit but skills are limited. I am slowly learning new things,  this pregnancy has shown me that I need to branch out and learn those skills sooner then later. I already know how to knit cocoons, wraps, soakers and overalls, I plan on making all of those and I also want to learn longies and rompers.

To Sew or Not to Sew? Tips for sewing your own FLUFF!

Posted 08-23-2013 at 10:27 AM by JayJaysMama

Hey everyone!

My name is Deja!

I’m a mother of one sweet little 3 year old boy, Jaylen and a student/WAHM. I’ve always had a love for babies and when I had my son my love for him and eagerness to give him the best start lead me to the natural parenting world. As a cloth diapering, breastfeeding mom my journey was a unique one that lead me on the path to sewing my own stash of cloth diapers. I remember starting out and thinking, I wish there was a checklist of all the things I should do before I sew. So if you are feeling crafty, and want to sew for your little Sunshine, here’s just what you should know!


1. Research:

Knowing what you want to sew, information you need to sew those designs, and the most economical way to go about perfecting those designs are key in your research!

2. Join a Cloth Diaper Sewing Group

Facebook, Diaperswappers, and many other forums alike have section of women (and men) who sew, and are willing to lend a helping hand in doing so. It always helps to have a community behind you when embarking on something new.

3. Find a Pattern

Paid or free, having a starting place or a guide when first starting a sewing journey is always an extreme help. Patterns can make or break any beginning diaper sewing journey.

Who You Calling Crunchy?

Posted 08-23-2013 at 10:13 AM by yoliyoda

“Who are you calling crunchy?!?” I was flabbergasted–how dare my friend call me ‘crunchy’! At the time I didn’t know what the phrase meant, but I just didn’t like the sound of it.

 “You are crunchy,” she snipped. “It just means that you’re into a more natural, holistic way of running your family.” To prove it, she hit me with a barrage of questions: Do I cloth diaper? Do I breastfeed? Do I own any sort of contraption that would allow me to strap my baby to me? Do I make my own household products? Was I always looking for ways to live more simply? Was I eco-conscious?

 Ok, so she was right–I am at least semi-crunchy. Before finding out I was pregnant I was the sort of woman who looked at things differently than the rest of my family. I mixed my own hair products because it was cheaper, I knew what was in it, and I often yielded better quality. I made my own laundry soap because there was no was I was paying outrageous prices when I could do it myself. I bought certified organic meat because I saw Food Inc. Basically, I did what made sense to me.

 It was just natural that without any outside prompting I’d become a cloth diapering, breastfeeding, baby wearing kinda momma. It wasn’t planned, it’s just what happened.

 Though this might be who I am, I find that I’m often in search of help to continue on the path. I was brought up in a

The “W” Word

Posted 08-15-2013 at 07:32 PM by Banana Cat

The first time I heard the dreaded “W” word in regards to cloth diapering, even the walls of my apartment trembled in fear (never mind that there was construction on the building going on).

It was foreign-sounding. Like enchiladas, except less tasty.

It was bewildering. Confusing. Like when you wake up from accidentally drifting off on the couch, because Elmo’s World ended and now your toddler is happily screaming while jumping up and down on the coffee table throwing the remains of her lunch in the air and the cats are running around in circles catching bits of ham and chicken raining down on them.





At one point this butt had never known the wonders of wool covers.


For one who has not yet been initiated into the Cult of Wool, the entire concept is strange and a little scary. PUL diaper covers, okay, easy. They wrap around the diaper and snap or velcro shut. Pull on nylon covers, also easy. That’s all waterproof material. Totally understandable how it keeps your kid from leaking pee all over the carpet.

Balancing Time As a Corporate WAHM

Posted 08-15-2013 at 07:22 PM by Hope4More

I started my new job two weeks ago.  I was thrilled when I was offered the position – work from home, no office hours required except for one day every 2 months (presumably to make sure you are still alive and they aren’t paying your dog for working).  When I quit my old job I told everyone I was really happy because now I could spend more time with my son.  Who could ask for more?

I’ve full-out cried three times in the last two weeks and had two panic attacks since I’ve started.  Working at home is nothing like I imagined.  What was going to be my son attending two half-days of preschool has now turned into 4, and the 5th day is spent playing alone.  I feel like I’m no more present to him now than I was as a WOHM, except for I get to eat lunch with him every day.  Two days ago I found myself slipping into despair – should I have kept my WOHM so at least he had great interaction with his then daycare provider?  That was when I realized I was looking at things from the wrong point of view.

First, I had incorrect expectations based on incorrect information from a WAHM friend of mine.  Expecting to work full time but having a 3-year-old attend preschool for only 6 hours a week was an unrealistic expectation.  My son is used to full time day care, so even going 9-12 four days a week is a more-than-half cutback.  This is an improvement.  I get to control the healthy items he eats for breakfast and lunch, and I can finally have us eat the organic foods I’ve wanted us to eat (his old provider fed her kids her own food, so this is also an improvement).  I get to spend an hour eating lunch with him every day.  Granted, his FAVORITE cartoon (Micky Mouse!) is on from 12 to 1, but now I get to enjoy conversation about what HE likes!  And my day pretty much ends when he wakes up at the end of naptime.  I no longer have to wake him up at 6:15, he can sleep in until 8, which means he doesn’t go to bed at 6:45 anymore, but stays up until 8.  That right there is 5 hours each night I get to spend with him instead of the hour and 45 minutes I used to get.  Plus lunch makes 6.  And lets face it – at three years old, he LOVES school.  The day he has off he spends all day asking me to go to school, so I don’t feel bad sending him!

Bad Habits

Posted 08-13-2013 at 12:02 PM by whitneywalters

I know I am not alone in this, we all have our bad habits. Mine include drinking too much coffee, biting my nails when I am nervous and spending a bit to much time online while my husband is addicted to video games, chews his nails and drinks way to much soda. We both know these are issues we have and we both know we need to work on them. We are also trying to help our kids break some of their bad habits.

My oldest son is seven and he is so much like his father. He also loves video games and he would probably play them all day if I let him. He also would eat a horrible diet if I let him. These are two habits that I can control since he is young and I plan to do just that. I want him to learn that their is a healthy amount of time and a healthy amount of junk food. Some of the habits he has that are out of my control are grinding his teeth in his sleep, oh how I hate that sound and wiping his dirty mouth on his shirt. I am happy to say that he has been doing this less and less recently. I am hoping to help him break both those habits and soon.

My second oldest is five, at this time she really only has one bad habit. When he is nervous she bites her nails. We have been working with her on it and I have to say it has gotten a lot better. I used finger nails polish as a reward. When she could show me that she could stop biting her nails, I let her get some finger nail polish of her own. It worked wonders and that girl really loves painting her nails.

Get Outside!

Posted 08-9-2013 at 12:45 PM by whitneywalters

I am a very outdoorsy type person. I enjoy hiking, walking, camping, fishing and many other outdoor activities. My husband and I both agree that it is important for kids to stay active and we want them to spend a lot of time outside. As long as the weather is nice, we spend several hours every day outside.

We have a large yard and have put together a nice little play area for the kids. We built a  large sandbox,  have a swing set , a climbing toy, bikes, scooters, a sand and water table, a kiddie pool and other things out there for them to play with. We live in a very quiet part of town and the kids are able to ride their bikes on the side walk as much as they want.

Several times a week, I take the kids to a local park. My kids adore going to the smaller park that is in our town. It is the right size for all of them, well taken care of and quiet. Amelia is able to use almost all the equipment there without help, Kairi is able to use everything now and the oldest two are still plenty entertained by the equipment that is there.

Once and awhile we will take the kids out walking by the lake, they like to hike the woods that my parents own and they enjoy fishing. I am really glad to see them enjoying the outdoors as much as I do.

Here are just some of the reasons that I find outside time so important:

Moments to Treasure

Posted 08-9-2013 at 12:45 PM by Krista

Let’s face it, sometimes our kids drive us crazy. There’s no getting around that fact. They yell, they whine, they act out in public. They don’t finish their homework, or they don’t do the laundry like they promised to. The list is endless. Still, they are so worth it, and sometimes you have a moment of pure amazement where you realize that your children are truly amazing. I had such a moment this week.

I have been taking pills to conceive that make me very tired. My kids don’t understand this, and no matter what time they fall asleep the night before they are still up at seven on the dot the following morning. On Tuesday, instead of coming and waking me like they usually do, my oldest, Alison, came in and kissed me and closed the door. I don’t know how much later it was when she came to get me.

“Come on, Mommy, we have a surprise for you,” she said.

I smiled sleepily at her and followed her downstairs. She told me to close my eyes, but I peeked while we were on the stairs. She is only four, after all! When we got to the living room she announced that it was time for me to open my eyes. What greeted me was a normally horrifying sight. There were at least three rolls worth of toilet paper scattered around the entire downstairs. Coffee filters galore all over the floor.

I swallowed over my initial shock, because after all, you can’t be upset with toddlers when they get into stuff when you’re in the bed! (We have all sharp and/or dangerous objects locked away, of course. The worse that can happen is a big, big mess!) But imagine my surprise when

Clomid: Round 3

Posted 08-2-2013 at 10:19 AM by Krista

I took Clomid the first time I was trying to get pregnant and was successful with it in the first month. I have been trying to conceive for eighteen months now, which shortly began after a miscarriage in December 2011. This month I will begin my third round of Clomid, and I have to be honest, with each passing cycle—heck, each passing day, even, and my hope drops. I can’t say why, exactly. The longer it takes to happen the more I believe that it never will.

Clomid makes me feel like crap, even on a good day. I didn’t remember this from the first time around, but then again, I wasn’t on it long enough and it was almost six years ago. I barely remember what kind of music I was into six years ago, you know? It makes me super tired all the time, which I remember from the progesterone I also took with my first pregnancy. It also makes me and my husband fight. It’s my fault, too, or the bloody Clomid’s. I feel like I am on an emotional roller coaster all the time.

The worst part is, it’s not working. Before I began taking Clomid I was told my progesterone should be between a 6 and a 12. When tested, mine showed up at 5.9. They put me on it anyway. The first cycle I was a 12 on the nose, so I thought we were good. Still, the doctor wanted to increase us to 100 milligrams. After cycle 2, I was a 0.9. Yes, you read that correctly. So, my Clomid for July is going to be 150 milligrams.