Why I Cover Up the Ta-Tas

Posted 10-29-2013 at 11:51 AM by yoliyoda

Yes, I do cover-up when breastfeeding in public. I’m probably going to inflict the wrath of some of my fellow milky-mommies by admitting this, but I believe if able, all moms should cover up when in public.

Now, before the anger boils up, let me be clear: I do think that it is my right and prerogative to breastfeed in public. I don’t go hiding in a corner, or feeding my baby in a bathroom. If the location we’re in has no nursing facilities I sit right where I am and “whip it out”… I just also “cover it up”.

I don’t consider it an issue of embarrassment, or being shy about the human body and natural functions. Nor do I live in fear of what the law might say. In fact, I’m proud to live in a state that has a breastfeeding statute on the books. It’s just that sometimes I think in society today we get so focused on our “rights” and not on what is right.

I want my son to grow up to be a man who takes care of himself and those he loves. So how can I be shy about taking care of his very basic need to eat while in public? I want him to see the human body and all of it’s functions as beautiful. So why should I act like breastfeeding is anything but beautiful. In the same breath I want him to be considerate of other humans. While I think it is my right to breastfeed in public, I acknowledge that it might make others feel uncomfortable. It isn’t about if they should feel that way–the fact is that they do. As a caring human being I believe that I should acknowledge that. If there is something that I can do without hurting myself and my baby, why shouldn’t I? I wonder how I can tell him he should be empathic without trying to be the same myself.

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A Letter To Mom, a Breast Cancer Survivor

Posted 10-29-2013 at 09:25 AM by yoliyoda

Dear Mom,

Even though you are always on my heart and mind–it’s even the more so in October. This is the month that a whole nation takes a moment to think about the disease that almost took you from my life too soon.

Breast Cancer almost denied you of seeing me graduate, get married, and have your grandson. It almost took you out of my son’s life before he got a chance to know you. This beast almost took my confidant, human reality check, biggest cheerleader, and best friend.

You may not always understand why I chose some of the parenting techniques that I do. Cloth diapers seem like more work. Attachment parenting doesn’t seem structured enough. And breastfeeding, well, that seems like an unnecessary challenge.

But, you’re one of my inspirations for so many of my parenting decisions–especially breast feeding. You remind me every chance you get that cancer, especially breast cancer, runs in our family. You tell me to get my mammograms, do my monthly check up, and always follow up with the doctor. However, those aren’t the only things that I can do.

Do You Really Need a Newborn Stash?

Posted 10-29-2013 at 08:46 AM by whitneywalters

If you want to cloth diaper starting at birth, a lot of people ask themselves this question: Do I really need to have newborn sized diapers or can I go straight to the smalls or OS?

There really is not a straight forward answer to this question. Some people could get away with skipping the newborn sized diapers. It all depends on the size of your child at birth. If you are known for having nine or ten pound babies, smalls and most OS diapers would fit at birth. They may not fit under the cord like newborn diapers do but they will fit the baby. At the same time, some newborn diapers would not fit a larger newborn. There are a few that would but newborn diapers are not all the same size. You would need to check weights closely when buying and pick newborn diapers that go up to a large weight.

I am not known for having large babies, my biggest so far was only 8lbs 5oz. I did not cloth diaper him until he was much older so I can not tell you what worked for him at birth. I actually can not talk about newborn cloth until my third child came along.

A Breastfeeding Bully Hospital?

Posted 10-28-2013 at 08:43 AM by yoliyoda

Is there such a thing as a breastfeeding bully? A recent article in Australia’s paper The Morning Bulletin had my head spinning to realize that not only do they exist–some of them should know better.

In the article the mother of a child in the ICU at the Wakiato Hospital in Australia was not given meals because she did not breastfeed. She was directly told that the reason that she only received toast for breakfast and nothing else was because the hospital only provided extra meals to mothers of children in the ICU that breastfeed. The mother indicated that for her own medical reasons she decided not to breastfeed. She also indicated that she didn’t want to leave her child alone in the ward while she went to the cafeteria to get food. The Southern District’s Health Board said that the long standing policy was put into place to encourage mothers to breastfeed.

Ouch. Can you said “overkill”?

Cloth Wipes: Oops, I Flushed Them Down the Toilet Again

Posted 10-28-2013 at 08:39 AM by Banana Cat

For as much as I’m an advocate of cloth diapers, cloth wipes turned me off for a long time.

That is weird, you are probably thinking. Cloth wipes have the same advantages as cloth diapers. They are better for the environment because they aren’t taking up landfill space. They are not clogging sewage systems and pissing off your local department of public utilities. They are gentle on baby’s butt and aren’t full of weird chemicals and fragrances. You don’t have to separate them from your cloth diapers to throw away later; you can just toss them in the diaper pail with the dirty diapers.

I KNOW this. I don’t know why it took me so long to try them. Perhaps it was laziness; we were gifted tons of disposable baby wipes before our daughter was born. But finally after a few months of seeing people talk about cloth wipes all over the place I was all, FINE. I will try them. We shall see.

I ended up with a mish mash of wipe materials and fabrics. Flannel is fairly soft and durable. Sherpa is even softer. Minky is okay as long as the other side is something more…grippy. Bamboo terry is amazing except I hate bamboo for other reasons. Fleece is idiotic and smears everything around. And so on. I could go on all day about fabrics and how good or bad they are at wiping up poop, but that’s heading into Crazy Cloth Lady territory which I try to avoid when I can.


Cloth wipes: As cute and collectable as cloth diapers, if you want them to be!

Dyeing Yarn with Kool-aid

Posted 10-28-2013 at 07:49 AM by whitneywalters

My mom and I have started dyeing wool yarn together. We hope to make a business out of it when we get more comfortable in the process. My children have been very intrigued by the process but since we have been using acid dyes, I was not comfortable letting them help. While looking at different dyeing processes, I stumbled across a blog that dyed yarn with frozen kool -aid. I thought this would be the perfect project to let the kids get involved with.

I start by going to the store and getting kool-aid. I got a few of each color. I already had everything else I needed.

What you will need –
ice cube trays
undyed yarn
plastic wrap
glass pan

Directions –
Step 1. Freeze your kool-aid. I used 1/3 cup of water per packet of kool-aid. This was enough water to fill four spaces in my ice cube tray. Do not add sugar to the kool-aid. Put your ice cube trays in the freezer. I let mine set over night.

The first time I ever saw someone breastfeeding…

Posted 10-22-2013 at 12:43 PM by angelaw

I find it interesting when I hear other people talk about the first time they saw someone breastfeeding. At La Leche League meetings, the question comes up quite a bit. Most of the mamas there share their stories about how they had seen their moms nursing their younger siblings, a handful will share that it was much later in life that they first witnessed a mother nursing her little one. I spoke on behalf of La Leche League several times at the local hospital during a section in their breastfeeding training about community breastfeeding support. I always asked this question of the nurses attending. Sadly, many of the labor and delivery nurses shared that they had never seen a mother breastfeeding until they worked with postpartum mothers at the hospital. But, even as I look around my town, I have yet to see a mom nursing in public, so I completely understand that if you don’t have someone in your family or close group of friends that breastfed, you more than likely have never seen it done.

The first time I ever saw someone breastfeeding was when I was eight years old. My aunt through marriage was nursing her firstborn son. I remember it being the ‘talk’ of the family. My grandmother never nursed any of her seven children and my mom never breastfed us so breastfeeding was never anything that I had even heard in conversation. My entire collection of baby dolls had all been bottle fed; I don’t even think I was aware of breasts at all at that time. Suddenly all of that changed.

“Why is she doing that?!” I remember asking my mom.

“Hush!” she warned me with stern eyes.

I couldn’t even ask about it?

Things We Wish We Knew Before Our First CD

Posted 10-22-2013 at 11:05 AM by yoliyoda

“Hindsight is twenty-twenty.” We all know that. Sometimes, after you’ve gone “all in” you have a moment when you look back and wish you’d done something differently. If you cloth diaper you’re sure to have one of those moments. Many moms, weeks and months into diapering their baby, look back and wish that they could change something. Here are a few things that some now “wiser” mamas wish they knew from the beginning.


“… you need to find a wash routine specific to your washer, because every machine is different. This drove me crazy until I accidentally found some routines for my particular front loader. They are not all created equal, apparently!” – Anna G.M


“The wonders of wool! I was scared at first, but alas, they are glorious. And sized diapers for big babies!” – Melissa G.

“… my son is a super heavy wetter and I need the strong stuff.” – Elisabeth P.

“Bamboo and hemp!” – Nikki J.

Trading – My Tips For Newbie Traders

Posted 10-22-2013 at 09:55 AM by whitneywalters

I have been trading on Diaperswappers for several years now. Trading has been a great way for me to build my stash, get rid of things I do not need and not spend a lot of cash in the process.

Breaking into the trading world on diaperswappers can seem a bit daunting to a newbie trader. There are two main areas that trading takes place on the site. There is the ISO/IHA forum, this is where you post a thread listing all the items you have available for trading and what things you are looking for. The same rules apply to this forum that apply to the rest of the fsot boards.

There is also a swaps group that you can join on diaperswappers. You have to opt into this area once you meet all the requirements. The swap area of diaperswappers is a lot of fun. There are all kinds of different swaps that go on and I have been able to get a lot of new diapers and woolies for my stash from these swaps.

I have put together a list of tips for newbie traders. These are all based on my experiences over the years and things I have learned along the way.

1. Be very descriptive.
– Posting an IHA (I have available) is just like trying to sell your items. When you post make sure to include details about your items. This is very important for diapers and woolies. Posting size, any issues and other details will make people more likely to message you. I know that I will skip over posts that do not include this information. I do not always want to take the time to PM for details when I am looking for a certain item.

2. Do not undersell or oversell yourself.
– Be fair in your pricing. You are more likely to get trades with well established traders if you are fair with your stuff. People would not want to buy from you if you over price, the same goes with trading. You do not have to undersell yourself either.

Making a Fabric Covered Bow Board

Posted 10-22-2013 at 09:13 AM by whitneywalters

I have three daughters and they all like wearing bows. I have been making hair bows since my oldest daughter was a toddler and we have a very  large collection of bows. For a long time I kept all the bows in a basket but I found it hard to dig through and find the bow we needed for that day. There were several ideas on bow boards online so I decided to make one for all the bows we had.
Making the board was pretty easy. We have two of this style bow boards and three of another style.

What you need -
Framed canvas in size of choice
Staple gun and staples
Measuring tape

Step one -
Start by cutting your fabric to size. Lay your canvas, upside down,  in the middle of the fabric fold one end of the fabric over the edge of the frame. You may need to tuck the fabric under the frame slightly and then staple the fabric in place. Do this all around the canvas, make sure you are pulling the fabric tight enough. I wrap each corner like you would a present, I think it makes the fabric lay nicer.

Step two -
Measure you ribbon and cut it to size. You can do your bow board the long way or short way, it depends on how you want it to hang. I put between three and five ribbons on for hanging spaces. I have gotten to the point that I do not need to use my measuring tape to make sure that the spaces are