A Letter To Mom, a Breast Cancer Survivor

Posted 10-29-2013 at 09:25 AM by yoliyoda

Dear Mom,

Even though you are always on my heart and mind–it’s even the more so in October. This is the month that a whole nation takes a moment to think about the disease that almost took you from my life too soon.

Breast Cancer almost denied you of seeing me graduate, get married, and have your grandson. It almost took you out of my son’s life before he got a chance to know you. This beast almost took my confidant, human reality check, biggest cheerleader, and best friend.

You may not always understand why I chose some of the parenting techniques that I do. Cloth diapers seem like more work. Attachment parenting doesn’t seem structured enough. And breastfeeding, well, that seems like an unnecessary challenge.

But, you’re one of my inspirations for so many of my parenting decisions–especially breast feeding. You remind me every chance you get that cancer, especially breast cancer, runs in our family. You tell me to get my mammograms, do my monthly check up, and always follow up with the doctor. However, those aren’t the only things that I can do.

I breastfeed not only because it’s what is healthiest for my son. It’s about more than the connection that is forged everytime I look into his eyes while feeding him. I also breastfeed because I am inspired by you to do everything I can to hold on to this precious life. It’s about more than cold medical knowledge or facts.

Mom, breast feeding has been shown time and time again to lower the risks of breast cancer. I follow your wise words that you learned from fighting the terrible disease: do whatever I can to stay alive and health to enjoy this life and my family. If I can use one more tool to keep me healthy longer, shouldn’t I? It’s just another reason to breastfeed.

Thank you mom for the love of life that you’ve given me. Thank you for the passion. Thank you for the drive. Keep fighting, because I love you.


In my heart always,

Your Daughter

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