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Posted 08-30-2012 at 10:56 AM by Krista

My oldest daughter is three years old, and boy is she a lot of sugar and spice! (“Everything nice” doesn’t really apply to her most days). She is also a little diva. It’s funny I always said that I would never push my girls towards the girly, princess and pink type of thing. My husband begrudgingly respected this, but he was oh so glad when she began exploring it on her own. The term “girly girl” just doesn’t seem to cover it. My Ali is a girl that, on some days we cannot convince to wear anything but a dress.

She loves to accessorize too; the more glitzy the better. She is especially fond of hair bows and necklaces (and yet, oddly enough, likes a fairy tattoo. Maybe she isn’t old enough to think these things clash?) and now everything has to “match”. Her idea of matching is interesting to me. Basically, matching just means it’s the same color at this point. However, there are days that she picks out her own clothes and in the morning she is satisfied with how well the outfit matches, but by afternoon she has decided they don’t.

I do not argue with her about what to wear (as long as she doesn’t start undressing in public, we’re good) and I try to stay calm even if it can get frustrating. I mentioned before that she is a miniature diva, and that is not entirely about clothes. She has the saucy attitude to go with it. For example, here is a conversation we had yesterday:

“Alison, we need to get you dressed so we can go to grandma’s.”

“I want to wear Tutu!”

“Honey, you have to wear clothes to Granma’s. We need to either get you a shirt with your tutu—”

“It doesn’t match!” She wailed in apparent dismay.

“OK, here’s what we can do. You can either come with me to get a shirt that matches your tutu, or we can get your tutu dress. How does that sound?”

To my relief, she was delighted at the idea of wearing her tutu dress. I won that one, but I know there are many more battles to come, and like her Mama, she is iron-willed. My friend was with me at the time of this conversation and brought it up later.

“She is only three,” she said, laughing. “When she gets older you’re going to have a real firecracker on your hands!”

Oh, boy! Ain’t that the truth for most of us?!

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