Agh!!! Christmas is coming so soon!!!

Posted 11-7-2012 at 10:23 AM by Heather8183

I cannot believe how quickly Christmas is approaching!  It feels like we just celebrated July 4th!  Goodness gracious…I swear the older I get, the faster time goes.

Used to be, by the middle of summer I had quite a bit of my Christmas shopping done.  And little by little, year after year, I started slipping, and here it is, the middle of October, and I have nothing purchased or made yet!

I really enjoy making most of the gifts I give, even for birthday parties that the kids are invited to.  I feel like even if I don’t know the person that well, a handmade, useful gift is a great choice.  Sometimes I make a super secret, family recipe, award winning fudge in a nice tin.  I’ve also made little homemade jams and jellies throughout the year and then some muffins to put into a basket the day of the event.  I sew A LOT, and can sew pretty much anything.  When my twin cousins were 4, I made them each a set of letter pillows that spelled out their names.  I made K a few outfits, both kids blankets and Angry Birds hoodies, and some clothes and diapers for her babies.

This year I know for sure I want to have a WAHM make my dad a pair of alpaca socks (he wears them for hunting because they’re so warm) with the fornicating deer on them.  I think he’ll love them.  I know that K will be getting a soft sculpture doll, which should be interesting because I’ve never made one before, and of course some clothes to go with it.  My aunt wears a lot of capes instead of coats, so I’m trying to find a unique pattern for one for her.  My grandparents are so hard to buy for.  Both of their birthdays and their anniversary are right around Christmas, so it’s a triple whammy!  I did see a really neat nativity set that I may make for them, though.

Another favorite gift to give are themed gift baskets.  I like to do a movie night basket, with a bottle of pop, a few packs of popcorn, maybe some cheap popcorn tubs, a movie sized box of candy, and either a $5 dvd from walmart or a Redbox code.  I adore the ice cream basket…I get ice cream dishes and an ice cream scoop from the dollar store, chocolate syrup, and a few toppings and put them all into a cute basket…it’s a huge hit!

I’m hoping to get my butt into gear here soon and get started instead of waiting til the last minute!

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  1. Donthaveaclue on November 7th, 2012 1:44 pm

    We just purchased a house so our extra cash went to downpayment and all the other fees associated with the purchase. Usually by now Im practically done shopping but this year we have only gotten a few things. I have made a ton of hairbows for my little nieces and got our son his “big” present but nothing else. Your ideas about are really cute! The dollar tree sells those popcorn buckets and I am always tempted to buy them now that christmas is coming I guess I should! Stay in date for my husband maybe???

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