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About a month I get an email from a friend who has seen pictures I post on my public blog or facebook and noticed that we breastfeed, cloth diaper, and babywear (yes, I know a lot of people having babies!).  They want tips, suggestions, and feedback on their own experiences thus far. It’s funny to think that six months ago, before my son was born, I knew nothing on these topics and now they are so embedded in my life it almost feels as though they’ve always been there.

I love feeling like I can be an ambassador for these things. I try really hard to share my experiences with people without being pushy – it’s not about forcing people to like what I like or appreciate but instead allowing them to see what something “different” may be like.  When you try things that are somewhat out of the norm, sometimes it’s easy to feel alone and isolated; I’ve never felt that way with babywearing or cloth diapering because of communities like this one.  I am fortunate enough to live near what I call a little “mecca” of both, which means I have found online and in person support.

I love knowing that I can be a resource for other parents out there, just like I continue to go to the people who are my resources. These types of parenting values seem to really foster community, which I absolutely adore. And not only does the world feel a little healthier because of them, I think, but also a bit warmer and smaller.

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