Anemic? Who, Me?

Posted 03-30-2012 at 09:52 AM by Krista

Lately I have felt sick constantly. My sweet husband, J, would certainly concur with that consensus. I think if I tell him one more time that I am ill, his head will explode.

I had a virus a few weeks back, which got treated. But now, it seems illness has come my way again. Ever since my miscarriage in December I have not felt entirely “right”. I am sleepy all the time, sometimes more so after I get rest. I am disoriented, and unable to focus. As a mother of two young toddlers,  you can imagine why this would be a problem!

I find myself, more often than not, with a list of things to do and unmotivated to do anything. In fact, the worse it gets the more often I find myself watching hours of television and only moving when I have to do something, like change a diaper or get the girls a snack. It worries me, but I simply don’t have energy anymore.

Deciding that I’d had enough, I called a nurse line that my insurance company sponsors. These are great because you get the benefit of a medical professional without the long wait and the copay! After speaking with her and giving her all of my symptoms, she believes that my miscarriage may have caused me to become anemic. I am not really certain how this would have happened, or what it entails. Would it be a lifetime condition? Something we could fix with a prescription? I’m not sure.

My husband did some research and at his instruction I am taking an iron supplement. I just started last night, and while I am feeling better it is simply too early to tell. Hopefully it will be a good enough fix until I am able to get to the doctor. My girls need their mama back!

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3 Responses to “Anemic? Who, Me?”

  1. boobybaby on March 30th, 2012 3:31 pm

    You may need your thyroid checked. Hope u feel better soon.

  2. Laundry Lady on March 30th, 2012 4:45 pm

    Make sure you increase your fiber and water intake if you add an iron supplement. Iron can constipate you big time. Also, if the supplement makes you feel icky try eating a bowl or two of Total cereal each day. That will also get your iron levels up.

  3. Rdesonia on March 30th, 2012 6:03 pm

    Also take a B complex. Sometimes that helps to get energy levels up, (And low B can be a form of anemia)

    **also this could be depression. It is hard after a loss to just pick yourself up and go on like nothing happened. You have to grieve all that hope that was lost.

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