Baby Wearing Profile: Mei Tai

Posted 08-31-2012 at 11:27 AM by HollyRay

I think now is a good time to do a series that evaluates some different kinds of babywearing. Part 1 is one of my favorites the Mei Tai!

What is a Mei Tai?

It’s one of the most popular of the Asian styles of carrier. The body of the carrier is rectangular and has either four straps originating from each corner or 2 straps originating from the top corners and a single bottom band. Most tie, but buckle-tai’s are becoming ever more popular.

What Age is the Carrier Suited For?

One of the great things about this style of carrier is it can be used from infant through toddler hood, I’ve even worn my 4 year old in my Mei Tai! Obviously not all positions are good for all ages, infants often need to be placed in the carrier in a way that doesn’t force them to straddle to far. Some brands of Mei Tai’s have inserts for this purpose.

What Positions Can You Use?

A bunch! Front, back, and side carries can be utilized with most brands of Mei Tai.

What About the Pro’s and the Con’s? I Want to Know What Other Mom’s Say!

Of course you do! That is why I asked around, got some feedback and have compiled a list of “Raves and Rants”


The front tie is bulky and bothersome!

This can be avoided with the buckle-tai


Easy to use, particularly for mama’s who are new to carrying and want something between a SSC and a Wrap. Also fits a wide variety of sizes for both mama and child.


Pulls on the shoulder’s and causes pain while wearing. A common complaint, sometimes due to poor manufacturing or misuse.


FAST! It takes only a minute or two to put the child in and out.


Once baby is heavy (or a toddler) they become too heavy for the carrier and it pulls in the waistband. Sometimes this can be alleviated by a wide padded waistband, or by using a high back carry.


Allows baby/child to be carried but also not feel “tied” down like some do in wraps.

Now how *I* feel about it:

I LOVE IT! I have 3 or 4 in this style, I can wear my baby, toddler, and preschooler in a mei tai, and I can wear one on the front and another on the back. It is simple to put on when getting out of the car, not as simple as a sling, but faster then a wrap.

How my husband feels about it:

He only likes wearing it on his back, on his front it feels to bulky and sags. He also like a wide padded strap and using a high carry. If he had the patience to wrap he would probably prefer that but for a carry he can do by himself without getting frustrated the Mei Tai is his go to carrier.

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