Bargain Shopping Online: A tale of shoes

Posted 04-2-2012 at 07:11 AM by Mel

During this past month I have invested in four new pairs of shoes.  I always buy good, quality shoes that will last a long time.  Generally speaking, I replace my everyday shoes every 2-4 years and the shoes I wear less often every 3-6 years.  My winter boots I bought new at Lands End in December 2006 still look like new and have years of use left in them because I only wear them a dozen times a year when I take the kids sledding.  They are comfortable, warm, and have excellent traction in the snow.  Those boots were definitely worth the cost.  I bought them back before I learned how to find good deals online, so I did pay full price (or close to it) for them.

Of the four pairs of shoes I have purchased I have saved a total of $177!!  I only paid $118 for FOUR pairs of HIGH QUALITY shoes (averages out to less than $30/pair)!  Yes, I realize I could go to one of those cheap shoe stores and pay less, but in my experience the shoes will not last as long nor are they as supportive and comfortable.  My grandfather always told me that there are two things in life you spend money on, your mattress and your shoes, because if you’re not laying in bed you’re up on your feet!  I buy most everything second hand, but I’ve always followed my grandfather’s advice when it comes to mattresses and shoes and I have never regretted it!

How did I score all these deals?  Easy!

Pair #1:  Ukala by Emu Australia Mackenzie boot
I bought these boots because I wanted something comfortable, warm, and cute to wear on cold winter days, especially with skirts.  These boots are absolutely amazing.  They are everything I’d hoped they’d be!   I bought them at 6pm online, which generally offers some excellent prices.  These boots have been marked down more since I bought them, but my size is no longer in stock so I’m glad I snagged them when I did.  I found out about this deal through The Frugal Girls.  I love their emails and I highly recommend subscribing to their site.  This was a sale and the site already offered free shipping, so I didn’t need a discount code.  These boots retail for $109 and I snagged them for $42.  Total savings of 62%!

Pair #2: Land’s End Women’s Weatherfield Shoes
I bought these shoes as my everyday fall and winter shoes.  I have always had very good experiences with Lands End shoes.  They hold up and clean up well.  Plus they are comfortable and cute!  I’ve had these shoes for a couple weeks now and I love them.   I bought them directly from Lands End for $29 (Retail price is $60).  Total savings of 52%!  I was shopping directly on Lands End’s site because I love their shoes.  I always check their Overstocks section as that is where you can generally find the best deal.  I picked out my shoes, added them to my cart, and then went to search for a coupon code.  You can always google search for coupon codes (just type in “lands end coupon codes” in the search bar), but after a few years now I have found that I love RetailMeNot and just go directly there and search for codes.  Their coupon codes are generally reliable and offer great savings.  The shoes were already at a great price and I found a coupon code that offered free shipping!

Pair #3: Lands End Women’s Everyday Mary Jane Shoes
I wanted something I could wear in the summer with just about anything that were comfortable and practical.  I don’t like owning dozens of pairs of shoes and try to buy shoes that are the most versatile.  I plan on wearing these most days this summer.  I think they are super cute and if they are anything like all the Lands End shoes I’ve owned in the past they will be super comfy too!  I ordered this pair just this weekend directly from Lands End.  I realized that I didn’t have an everyday shoe for the summer, so I got online and scored these shoes for only $12 with FREE SHIPPING thanks to the coupon code I got from RetailMeNot (have I mentioned how much I love their site?).  These shoes retail for $50 and I only paid $12, so that’s a savings of 76%!

Pair #4:  Vibram FiverFinger Sprints  
I’ve wanted a pair of Vibram FiverFingers for a long time now and since I need a pair of shoes for exercise I decided it was time.  I went to Google and searched for “Vibram FiveFingers clearance” and got a list of a few sites that had them on clearance.  After looking through the sites I found one that had an excellent deal, had a pair in my size, and had a special that weekend for free shipping!  So I scored a pair of Vibram FiverFinger Sprints for only $35 (they retail for $75).  A total savings of 53%!  Score!

I try to simplify my shoes by purchasing shoes that are versatile and practical.  For those of you attempting to do the same thing, here is a list of the other shoes I own and their purposes:

1.  White dressy sandals I scored from JCPenney last summer for only $7 on clearance with a coupon.  These are super cute, practical, and match all my summer wardrobe.  I typically wear these to church.

2.  Four pair of flip flops from Old Navy that I scored for $1/pair with free shipping.  We live on a lake, so flip flops are an inexpensive shoe to have to bum on the beach in.

3.  A pair of old, worn down tennis shoes which I keep around for when we visit my in-law’s farm.  They are a great pair of shoes to get super dirty in.

4.  A pair of Lands End winter boots (as I mentioned above) that I bought in December 2006.  They are still in excellent condition and have years of use left in them.

You can utilize these shopping tips with any online purchases. I used shoes as my example as that is what I have purchased recently.  If you have any other tips/tricks please feel free to comment below and share them with us!  :)

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3 Responses to “Bargain Shopping Online: A tale of shoes”

  1. nicolemariep on April 3rd, 2012 12:40 pm

    Are you confident that your Vibrams are authentic? I love mine, but I shell out the extra $ at REI because there are a lot of fakes making their way around…

  2. Mel on April 3rd, 2012 8:10 pm

    Yup! Mine are authentic Vibrams. :)

  3. natalie on April 5th, 2012 9:15 pm

    I completely agree! I chocked when I bought my first pair of uggs. that was over 4 years ago and they are in great shape! I invested in the sole that was plastic and good for walking! totally worth it!!

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