Battle Of The Yeast

Posted 11-5-2013 at 07:25 AM by whitneywalters

Diaper rashes are bad enough to have to deal with. Yeast diaper rashes are a whole nothing ball park and an even bigger issue when you are using cloth diapers.

I never had to deal with a yeast diaper rash with my first three children, my fourth child was rather prone to them. Any time I needed antibiotic while I was nursing her or she needed one, she would end up with a yeast rash. She also got them randomly.

I know that I am glad that a friend of mine had already dealt with this issue with her child. She was able to give me the run down on what I needed to know to clean my diapers, kill the yeast and how to protect my diapers in the process.

The first step is treating the rash.  Your doctor can prescribe you a medicine ( I have done it this way and cured it in more natural ways ). The cream they give you is not cloth diaper friendly. If you want to keep using your cloth diapers while on this cream, you will need to use a liner of some kind. A fold cloth wipe, fleece liner or throw away liner will do the trick.

There are other ways to treat the rash. CJs makes a yeast rash cream, some people have used coconut oil and I personally have used tea tree oil.

I also leave my baby diaperless as much as possible while they have a yeast rash. Yeast loves dark, moist places.
Baking soda bathes are very soothing to a baby with a sore bottom caused by a yeast rash.

The next step is treating your diapers.  The yeast is living on your cloth diapers and just washing them will not kill it.
I always start by a normal wash, followed by a wash in hot water and add vinegar. I then bleach ( yes I said bleach ) the diapers and rinse them several times to make sure all the bleach is gone. I like to line dry the diapers, the sun will kill the yeast as well. You can dry them in the dryer but make sure you are using a heat dryer and not just a fluff.

Other options for yeast killing include grapeseed oil and tea tree oil.


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  1. mdonaho on November 6th, 2013 6:39 pm

    Thanks for this information! I will keep it in mind when my baby comes!

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