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Posted 11-20-2012 at 02:53 PM by whitneywalters

My husband and I have been living in our house for almost seven years now. Slowly we have been updating and redoing all the rooms in the house. I do not like having white paint, I love color and having different colors in every room. Since we have been doing our renovations slowly and on a limited budget our room took a back burner because we wanted to get the rooms done that other people would see the most.  Recently we redid our bedroom and I am so happy we finally got it done.

I had a very limited budget and had a lot we needed to do. We needed new curtains, new bedding, paint and decorations. I had $500 to get it all done. The first thing we did was find a color of paint we liked. We decided to go with brown and blue. Our carpet is blue and in good shape so we did not need to replace it. We picked a nice brown color for the wall, the paint was $30.

Next I started shopping around for bedding. The last two times we bought bedding we went to Wal-mart and just got something half way cheap. It ended up falling apart within a year so this time we wanted to get something a little higher end. I went to the JCPenny home store and found a really nice bed set on sale for $150 that was the perfect color combo.

They had matching curtains that are black out curtains for $70 and I found a nice curtain rod on sale for $20. All I had left was decorations. Before I went out and spent a lot of money I started looking around my house to see what I had that could be used. I found a cross that I had painted along time ago that looked great, two wall hangings from our wedding (we got married in 2005, I stored these away and forgot about them), and some picture frames we also got at our wedding that I used on the dresser with pictures of the kids. We also wanted to have our maternity pictures on display. I had a bunch of picture frames already so we used those and put one of the wall hanging in the middle.

I still wanted some kind of nice picture or something above the bed. I love pinterest and I found what I wanted on there. I made some button art to spell out love. I have a million buttons so all I needed was canvas and paint, it cost me $10 and I adore the way it looks above my bed.

The last thing I wanted was some kind of covering for the dresser. I have a huge stash of yarn so I decided to knit one. I love the way it looks in there. I had been keeping that yarn to make myself a scarf but I think the little flecks of color really add a nice touch to my room.

So for a grand total of $280 I have a nice new bedroom that I completely love.

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