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Posted 05-20-2013 at 01:43 PM by whitneywalters

I have been wanting to loose weight for awhile now and I will admit I have not been trying hard enough. I go back and fourth with dieting, I know that my eating is not really the problem. Yes, I could cut back on certain things and I have to a point. I do not really drink any soda anymore ( and on the rare occasion that I do it is stuff I buy at Whole Foods. ), I stay away from high fructose corn syrup when ever possible and I am not a fried food/fast food person. I know that if I really want to loose weight, I need to get more active.

I used to be in really good shape. I walked a lot every day and I stayed really active. After having kids my activity level has changed. While I stay busy with my kids, it is not the type of activity I need to burn calories and drop this weight. After hemming and hawing over my weight for the last couple years I am finally starting to actually do more about it. I have decided it is time to get active.

I am going to start with simple things, like taking a lot more walks, doing more yard work ( things like mowing the lawn and other things my husband usually does ) and finding other ways to add more activity to my days. The walking will be easy, I like taking walks and I always have. Some of the days I will take all the kids but since they are not going to walk long distances every day I will be taking some of the walks after Chris gets home and can stay with the older three. I will just put Amelia in the stroller and take her along. I do not really like mowing the lawn and things like that, my legs always break out in hives when I mow ( even when I wear pants ) but I have found that if I shower and scrub my legs down really good it seems to stop the hives.

I know being more active is important, not only for my health but for my kids. They need to see a healthy lifestyle and I know that being active is just as important as eating healthy food.

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  1. MamaNae on May 26th, 2013 10:54 am

    Try washing your legs with an oil killing dish detergent (I know you can’t use Dawn but maybe another brand would work as well). A friend told me about it, she washes all her exposed skin after being out in the woods to make sure she doesn’t pick up poison ivy/sumac unknowingly. It removes all the oils from plants so you don’t break out in rash.

    I did that when Emmett picked up poison ivy and it dried out completely and went away within 3 days…and it did not spread anywhere, stayed localized and was completely gone in 3 days.

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