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Posted 01-24-2013 at 12:23 PM by whitneywalters

I have made a goal for myself. I want to keep the holiday spirit after the holidays are gone. I love the giving spirit that comes along with the holidays, I consider myself a fairly giving person but I know I have room for improvement.

I made a list of ways I can be more giving all year round.

1. PIF or RAK
- Around the holiday season I see a lot of people doing random acts of kindness or pay it forward things for strangers. It is always really inspiring to hear these stories. I have done it myself and it always feels good. This is something I can do all year round pretty easily. Little things like paying for a strangers coffee, dropping of some extra food for someone I know has been sick and just doing little things to show people that I care.

2. Giving gifts for no reason
– I like to give gifts but generally it is something that is only done for birthdays and Christmas. I have decided to change this. I am going to give things randomly through out the year. I do not always have a lot of extra money to spend but I am really crafty and I love to bake. I know I can make stuff for people to brighten their day. I plan to randomly drop off cookies to my neighbors, bring sweets to my pastor and do other things for family members.

3. Volunteering more
– Since money can some times be a problem, I volunteer my time instead. I plan on doing that even more this year. Right now I am volunteering in my church nursery once a month. I plan on upping my church volunteer time and looking for ways to volunteer in the community.

4. Donate and giving away
– My family donates a lot of stuff to Goodwill and helping hands every year. We also give stuff to friends when we can to help them out. I know I can do this even more. Instead of trying to sell some of the stuff that I do, I can give it to someone that needs it.

I know that just by doing these four simple things that I can become a more giving person year round.

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