Benefits and Downfalls of One Size Diapers

Posted 11-25-2011 at 10:35 AM by whitneywalters

A large portion of my diaper stash is OS diapers. I have always liked having them since most of the time I have had two babies in cloth diapers and I like being able to use the same stash on both of my babies at the same time.

The benefits of OS diapers-
Long lasting-
Most OS diapers fit from around 10lbs to 30+lbs. Since these diapers feature multiple size settings, they will fit babies through every stage of development. Keep in mind that all diapers fits babies differently, certain diapers may work for one baby and not for others. I have found that bum genious OS diapers and sunbaby OS diapers work better for us then any other style of OS diaper. Since these diapers are durable and the adjustable size makes them long lasting they are on of the most economical cloth diaper choices.

It is a well known fact that cloth diapering can save you money but when you are using a system you will be able to use these diapers from birth ( or shortly after depending on babies size and the style of OS diapers ), you will be saving even more. You won’t have to order more diapers when your child moves up a size.

The downfalls of OS diapers-
Bulk- Bulk is the one major complaint I have about OS diapers. When my youngest daughter first started fitting into a OS sunbaby diaper it was really bulky on her. I did not like the way it looked under clothes so I did not really use them much until she got a little bit bigger and it did not look like her diaper was the same size she was.

Do not fit most newborns-
I personally have small babies and I have never had a OS diaper that fit my children at birth. I usually could not start using my OS diaper stash until they are several weeks old.


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