Benefits of Cloth Diapers

Posted 07-19-2013 at 12:45 PM by whitneywalters

One of the biggest reasons that my family made the switch to cloth was the health benefits. My oldest daughter has very sensitive skin, it was ever worse when she was a baby. She reacted to ever diaper we tried, she could tolerate Luvs but those even gave her rashes. We tried and tried for almost six months before we just made the switch to cloth. There are many other reasons why we switched to cloth and  I have never regretted our decision.

1. Better on baby’s delicate skin
– I know that my daughter is not the only child to react badly to a disposable diaper. Cloth means keeping chemicals like Dioxins ( highly toxic, known to cause reproductive and devolpmental problems, cause cancer and damage the immune system. ), Tributyl-tin ( toxic, can be absorbed  through skin and is known to hurt your immune system), sodium polyacrylate ( this is what makes disposable diapers so absorbent but it is a known skin irritant it can strip skin of all natural oils, leading to rashes ) and many other chemicals off your babies delicate skin.
–  One of the biggest causes of diaper rashes is excessive moisture against the babies skin. Just because a disposable can hold enough liquid to go many hours between changes, does not mean you should. Even though the diaper is made to absorb more liquid then a cloth diaper, your child is still sitting in their waste which is very unhealthy. A baby should be changed as soon as a diaper is soiled. Cloth diapering  usually means more changes because parents know when a child is wet and do not want to let their child sit in a soiled diaper.

2. Saving money
– Disposable diapers have gotten very expensive. You could be spending over $2,000 or even more depending on brand, to put your child in disposable diapers for two and half years. That is not including what you will be spending on rash creams, wet wipes and pull ups.
– The initial cost of cloth diapering can be a bit of sticker shock for people. When I first started,  I did not have a lot of money to invest so I had to shop smart for my stash. My first stash was mostly bought used from diaperswappers and some from a work at home mom. It took awhile for me to find what I liked, what worked best for our children but I was able to resell what I did not need, using that money to get more cloth diapers that I did want.
– You can save even more money by reusing your cloth diapers for other children. I used some of the same diapers on Amelia that were in my original stash for my oldest two children. When she outgrew those diapers, I was able to pass them on to my nephew and my sister will be using them on her second child as well. If you take care of your diapers, you will get years of use from them.

3. Waste less

- Having a large family, it is nice to know that we are doing our part to reduce our carbon footprint. Not sending diapers to a land fill, knowing that they could take  take hundreds of years to decompose, has a huge impact on our environment. We also use cloth baby wipes, saving even more trash from entering the landfills.

– We are using a bit more water then we would if we were using disposable diapers but try to make for that by line drying my diapers to reduce energy costs and making my own laundry soap which cuts down on chemical use and waste ( since I am not throwing out a bunch of laundry soap bottles ).


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  1. AntonyaMarie on August 14th, 2013 2:26 am

    we had the same issue with Addyson, so we switched with help from a friend in getting a cheapie stash to start with. now we cd all three of our youngest and have slowly invested in better quality dips. So glad to know we arent alone in the health factor for switching.

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