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Posted 07-22-2013 at 03:49 PM by whitneywalters

I am finding that it is a lot easier to shop for my son than it is for my daughters. I really thought it would be the other way around but I never seem to stress over what to get for Alex. Shopping for him just seems really easy. The girls on the other hand, I stress every year on what to get them for their birthday.

My girls are really not picky either, they love getting presents and are always grateful for what they are given. It just seems like the selection for little girls is a lot smaller then the selection for boys. When it comes to shopping for Alex, there always seems to be a new action figure that he likes or a video game that he has been begging for.

My girls are a lot harder. I think part of it is the fact that I have three girls and only one boy. The girls all seem to like the same thing so we have a lot of those things. Alex is always getting interested in something new and the girls really are not. My three girls really love three things, baby dolls, sandbox toys and Barbies. They have other toys but these are the three things they like the most and we have a lot of these things because of it.

It makes birthday shopping harder. I know they would always like another one of those things but it seems pointless. Would they really play with another baby or would it just get lost in the shuffle? The sandbox can only hold so many toys and our Barbie tote is overflowing. The logical answer is just to get something else. The only problem is, what do I get?

My three girls birthdays all fall within a short period of each other. Amelia is June 25th, Kairi is July 9th and Destiny is August 4th. I like to get their presents pretty far in advance so I know it is taken care of but that has not been happening this year. Chris and I could not pick something for Amelia’s birthday. We looked at several different stores over a period of a couple months before we finally decided on a trike. I actually ended up finding one that was like new on craigslist and bought it just a couple weeks before her birthday.

Now Kairi’s birthday is fast approaching. We did decide on getting her a bike but have not picked one up yet. I have been searching craigslist but if we can not find one in really good condition then I will probably take a trip to Des Moines and picked one up from Target or Kmart.

Destiny is the one I am struggling with the most. I asked her what she wanted and she told me she would like twinkle toes, a fancy dress, ┬álots of earrings or a Pokemon game. I am pretty sure the Pokemon game is her brother’s idea. He wants someone that he can trade Pokemon with. The twinkle toes are a possibility, she does have a lot shoes already but the girl really does like shoes. The last thing she needs is more dresses ( She is in the same size as Kairi and between the two of them we have over 30 dresses already ) but if I can find a special one for a good price I may go ahead and get her another one. She needs a good jewelry box and I thought if I could find a nice one for a good price, I would get her that and a pair of earrings with it. I know she would be happy with anything I got her, I just want to find something special.


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