Breastfeeding Benefits For Mom

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We all know that breastfeeding is a benefit to our little ones, but what about for mom? It turns out that breastfeeding can be a healthy practice for mom as well.

Weight Loss

We all want to lose a little weight after a pregnancy, and breastfeeding can help with that. When done correctly, we eat better while breastfeeding. We also burn more calories as we produce milk for our children. If we were to add routine exercise to our schedule we could be fit in no time. We just don’t want to go overboard with our dieting. That wouldn’t help either mommy or baby.

Less Work For Feedings

Making bottles in the middle of the night can be less than fun when we have a crying baby waiting to eat. Whether we prepare bottles before bedtime and put them in the fridge, or make the bottles at the time of the feeding, they still need to be heated to the right temperature, which can be problematic when we are a little groggy at midnight. It’s much easier to be able to sit in a rocking chair and pull out a breast to feed our child in less than a minute. An added bonus would be less bottle cleaning or the scent of bad formula. Nasty!

Cost Effective

Breast milk costs less. After all, we make it ourselves. Formula, however can be quite pricey. The best deal I have seen for formula was about $13 a tub when on sale and a store brand. If our little one is having problems with gas, colic, or a milk allergy it’s going to cost more. Then there is the cost of a brand name formula that actually dissolves instead of clumps in water. Let’s not forget that we would most likely need more bottles, nipples, and bottle cleaning supplies. Breast milk requires.. breasts.

Health Benefits

According to Ask Dr. Sears breastfeeding can help reduce the chances of breast, uterine, and ovarian cancers.  It can also reduce the chances of us developing osteoporosis. This gives us a better quality of life to share with the little one we are nursing.


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