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Posted 09-28-2011 at 08:30 AM by whitneywalters

Since we are trying to cut down on our grocery bill that was getting out of control we could not be letting any of our leftovers go to waste. I am not a big fan of just eating up the same thing over again so I have been finding ways to bring new life to our leftovers.

We raise chickens each year at my parents farm and since our chickens get much larger then most chicken you are able to buy at the super market we are able to get three full meals from one chicken. The first night I will cook a whole chicken in the crock pot with carrots and potatoes. Then night to we usually have chicken alfredo or another chicken pasta dish. Night three will either be BBQ chicken sandwiches or chicken noodle soup. There are many other ways to prepare leftover chicken into a new and delicious meal, like cold chicken salads or sandwich spreads, chicken burritos, chicken and rice casserole, chicken and noodles or chicken and veggie stir fry. If you are looking for great chicken recipes try using betty crocker, I love this website because they have a tool bar that you can add in ingredients that you have and it will pull up several different recipes you can make with those items.

Whenever I can find a good deal on roasts I will generally pick up a few. It is another item that I can get at least two meals from. The first night we have roast in the crock pot, with carrots and potatoes and then night two we have hot beef sandwiches.

My husband loves chili. I know that I can make several meals from one pot of chili so I will make a large pot and then use it several different ways over the next few days. The first night we have chili with rolls or corn bread. After that we will have chili topped baked potatoes, chili dogs, chili burgers or chili cheese fries.

On the rare occasions that we grill steak I will use any leftovers to make steak and potato soup or beef stew.

If you take the time to get creative you can come up with really good ways to use leftovers and you will save yourself money in the process.

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