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Posted 11-12-2011 at 07:36 AM by whitneywalters

When I first starting cloth diapering I did not have a lot of money to spend on building my stash especially since I was trying to build a stash for two babies. I knew that I could get a stash of prefolds and cover for pretty cheap but I was more interested in pockets or aios at the time.  I did a lot of looking around and was able to get a pretty decent sized stash for the small amount of money I had to so spare at the time. At that time most of my stash was used diapers that I found on diaperswapppers in the fsot section and a couple of them were wahm diapers I found on etsy. Four years later my stash has grown a lot, includes every style of diapers out there but I still have not put tons and tons of money into it. How do I do it?

1. Browse the FSOT on DiaperSwappers.
– I have found so many good deals searching the fsot section I can not even name them all! It can be a bit tedious going through all the pages but the deals I found made it worth it. The diaper lots section is generally where I look if I am trying to buy a larger quantity of diapers for a cheap price.

2. Try trading
– If you have items you are no longer using try swapping for items you can use. I have gotten almost half my diaper stash through swaps.

3. Check the sales sites.
– There are several sales sites out there that offer deals on diapers. Sites like and zulily have great sales on new cloth diapers pretty often. Also cottonbabies has a sales section. I was able to get a bunch of bum genius aios for my youngest off there for way less then normal.

4. Get crafty
– If you blessed enough to know how to sew there are several free links to cloth diaper patterns or you can get diapers in need of repair of fsot for very cheap.

5. Coops
– Coops on diaperswappers have saved me tons of money when it comes to building my diaper stash. Getting involved in these group buys is a great way to get yourself diapers when you are building your stash.

6. Enter give a ways. There are give a ways for cloth diapers all the time. I have won a few cloth diaper give a ways now. There is nothing better then free fluff!

7. Try your local thrift stores.
– I have seen cloth diapers for sale at a few of our local thrift stores now. I have even heard stories of people finding brand new cloth diapers at there local good wills.

8. Check craigslist or other online garage style sites.
– When I first started my stash I scored 6 almost new bum genius OS diapers on craigslists for $50.

9. Garage sales
– I was surprised at how many garage sale listings I saw this summer that included cloth diapers in the descriptions. With more and more people switching to cloth you are going to start seeing them at more garage sales.

10. Swap with your friends
– When I got pregnant with my youngest I did a swap with one of my friends. She was done with her cloth diapers and was looking for some shoes for her son, how is a little younger then my son. So we traded her newborn fitteds for some shoes we did not use anymore.


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