But Where Do I BUY Cloth Diapers?

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You’ve decided to start using cloth diapers, part time or full time, for one or several reasons. Congratulations, and say good bye to all of your money, because cloth diapering can get pretty addictive pretty fast. Well, it doesn’t have to be addictive, but more often than not you’ll start hearing those trendy prints calling out your name and you’ll find yourself reaching for your wallet. If you can resist the temptation, well, double congratulations! For the rest of us with weak willpower, here are some places to buy cloth diapers:


As this article is being published on a website called Diaperswappers, it only feels right to start off my list with the “online” option! Most people are connected to the internet these days and indeed, if you live in an area without any fancy stores this might be your only option! Sites such as Diaperswappers provide an online marketplace where members can buy and sell used diapers. It’s not as gross as it sounds; as long as the diapers are washed well they are good to be used on your child! The advantage to buying used diapers is that they are often cheaper than new diapers, so you can get a decent deal. If you are savvy with a sewing machine, some members list old diapers in need of repairs for just a couple of bucks per diaper, so if you are able to put in a little bit of time repairing these old diapers, you can get some amazing deals!

If you’re not so keen on used diapers, or if you’re buying friends some new diapers for a baby shower, then there are many, many cloth diapering stores online to choose from. All of the major brands such as bumGenius, Blueberry, Fuzzibunz, etc., have their own websites you can purchase diapers directly from.  There are also many online cloth diaper boutiques which sell dozens of brands—great if you want to try a few different brands all at once— and also have their own customer rewards programs, often offer free shipping over a certain purchase amount, and have “extras” such as cloth wipes and liners you can buy as well.

Local Boutiques

I think local boutiques are the rarest of the options—after all, you can find a gas station on every corner but there is no need to have a cloth diaper store on every corner! If you’re lucky enough to live near one, please check it out! While the variety may not be as large as some online retailer’s, the owners and workers are probably far more familiar with cloth diapers than your average big-box salesperson and can give you some one-on-one help. Some even offer “Cloth Diapering 101” classes! You will also be able to take advantage of local sales that wouldn’t be available to you otherwise.

Consignment Stores

This option is hit or miss, but is an option for local, used diapers. At one of my local consignment shops, the cloth diapers were simply thrown into bins labeled “small,” “medium,” and “large,” and it was up to the buyer to take the time to sort through the bins. Many diapers were brandless or unknown, but I found a couple of bumGenius 4.0 pockets for only five bucks each—quite the deal, considering I didn’t have to pay shipping and had them in hand immediately!

dirty diaper bags

You might even get lucky on your search and find secondhand or clearance cloth diapering accessories in good shape!


Big Box Stores

The availability of cloth diapers at your local Wal-Mart, Target, or other major chain store may vary wildly, even among stores in the same town. While it is unlikely you will find cloth diapers at these stores, I’ve randomly stumbled across displays of Charlie Banana diapers at Target and gDiapers at Babies R’ Us, but never consistently! If you are at one of those stores it may be worth it to take a quick look, though!

Where do you buy your cloth diapers? Do you prefer to buy them new or used?

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  1. Amissa on June 26th, 2014 2:12 pm

    The article still doesn’t truly answer “where” to buy cloth diapers. An improvement to the piece would be to list recommended trusted websites (including URLs) or resources to find local CD stores, and not just listing a few manufacturers and mentioning that other online stores exist. Even mentioning the behemoth that is Amazon is an improvement.

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