Cartoons I say No Way to

Posted 03-29-2012 at 08:56 AM by whitneywalters

There are some cartoons out there that just rub me the wrong way, there are several that have been banned from my house completely.

1. Spongebob
– I dislike everything about that show. It is completely and totally obnoxious and I do not let the kids watch it. I can not stand how rude the show is, how dumb they make the characters, Spongebob’s laugh is more annoying then nails on a chalk board and there is no education or moral substance, it is simply stupid humor, which I do not like at all.

2. Caillou
– There is nothing that is really bad or inappropriate about this show, I just simply do not like it. I know a lot of moms and kids adore this show. I do not. He just whines so much and it really gets on my nerves.

3. 90% of shows on cartoon network
– I was going to make a list of them but really there are only a few I will let them watch. Shows like Chowder, Kickbuttowski, Adventure Time and the like are so dumb, overly violet and not kid material in my opinion.

Luckily my kids do not care about these shows for the most part. Alex did go through a stage where he was mad I did not let him watch Spongebob. His older cousin loves the show, talks about it all the time which made  Alex feel like he was missing out on something. That stage passed and luckily he does not care anymore.

Destiny couldn’t care less about any of the shows mentioned above.  She adores shows like My Little Ponies and Strawberry Shortcake.  I see nothing wrong with them but I will tell this, watching them over and over again does get a bit annoying after awhile. Kairi is Dora crazed and couldn’t less about anything else. I will say that after watching the same episode of Dora again and again it can be just as annoying as the shows on my list above.

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3 Responses to “Cartoons I say No Way to”

  1. Blessed2005 on March 29th, 2012 7:22 pm

    I so hated Caillou for the longest time and it was banned in my house as well. Recently my son has become ADDDICTED to it. He loves it more than any other show. He actually asks me when we are going out if he will miss Caillou. I dislike it for the same reasons. I wish I felt fine banning it, but it brings him an enormous amount of pleasure and other than the whining and lack of discipline, I haven’t seen any other reason to deny it. So, for the time being, Mommy will retreat to her beloved computer while Sterling watches he beloved Caillou…..oh the serenity found in a few quiet moments when my youngest is asleep and my oldest is entertained! Lol!

  2. MamaNae on March 29th, 2012 8:49 pm

    I completely agree with the list! We have been getting the “But S’s kids can watch Spongebob” (S being my SIL) to which I usually reply “That’s nice, I’m not their mama so I don’t care what they’re allowed to do.” LOL

  3. jubbamama on March 30th, 2012 12:06 am

    We don’t let our son watch Caillou anymore either for the same reason, and the parents on there never discipline! It took quite a while for our son to finally forget about Caillou, it was his favorite show. Now he watches dino train, super why, and a few others on sprout as well as movies that we have “oked”. Another show that really annoys me is Sid the Science kid, I didn’t totally hate it until I saw an episode all about getting the flu shot, it seemed like total propaganda to me!! Anyone else see that one? What did you think?

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