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A Few Great Double Date Ideas!

Posted 11-20-2016 at 12:38 AM by Jessica

Man helping girl to stand on the ice rink

It’s so important to get out on dates with your significant other, and it’s always great to spend some time with friends, too, so why not combine them and go on a double date?

My husband and I love double or triple dates. It’s so fun to get together with friends and have a larger group to chat with. Since I’m always trying to come up with creative ideas for activities to do with our friends, I’ve decided to put together a list of what we’ve done or what sounds like fun in order to help out any of you also looking for some new ideas!

-Ice Skating

-Dinner and a movie

-Pottery or art class

-Cooking class

-Game night

-Theme park trip



-Trivia night

-Sports game

-Garage sale shopping




Honestly, the list could go on and on, but I’m sure you’re tired of scrolling by now. 😉 Try a couple of these out and get creative with some other ideas; there are so many great options for activities on websites like Groupon or Living Social, too. And that way you can save some money on a date that you may not have thought of on your own!

What are some of your favorite group date ideas?

Etiquette For Visiting A New Baby

Posted 08-10-2016 at 07:50 PM by Jessica

Beautiful Moment

I’ve had quite a few babies being added to the family lately. A new niece and nephew in just this month alone! The second that I heard they had been born I wanted to head right over and congratulate the happy little family, but I knew that simply popping over was not the right thing to do. There are some rules of etiquette when it comes to visiting the new family, and they’re very important to follow in order to make sure that everyone stays comfortable and happy.

1. First of all, do not go over unannounced. You may think that you’re being cute by surprising them, but I assure you that the sleep-deprived couple will not appreciate you arriving without giving them the chance to clean up a bit and prepare for your arrival.

2. Do not ring the doorbell. And if they have dogs, don’t even knock. Send them a text letting them know you’ve arrived. They will be so grateful if baby is napping.

3. Don’t stay very long. Pay close attention to the parents. If they look overly tired, make the visit short so that they can get some rest.

4. Offer to help around the house. Take out the trash, do a load of dishes, fold some laundry. Even a small task could take a lot off of their shoulders.

5. Don’t comment on the physical appearance of the mother. (This should be a no-brainer.) She knows she looks tired. She knows that she hasn’t showered in two days.

6. Bring a gift. Whether it’s a card with well wishes, a cute outfit for baby, or a casserole, it will be much appreciated by the new parents.

7. Don’t give advice unless it’s asked for. Nothing will irritate an exhausted couple more than your unsolicited advice. If they do ask for tips though, feel free to give some!

8. Wash your hands first if they let you hold the little guy or gal.

9. Do not go over if you’re not feeling well. Even a small cough can be really dangerous for the little one.

10. Ask before picking up the baby. He may have just been put to sleep, or he may have an extremely underdeveloped immune system, you never know.

Do you have any etiquette faux-pas that you’ve personally experienced? If so, please comment them below!

Surviving the Morning RUSH

Posted 05-14-2016 at 11:55 PM by Jessica



The Morning RUSH….The Morning BATTLE…the Morning CHAOS. Whatever you want to call it, we’ve all been there. Some of us more often than others. The morning rushing around getting breakfast made, hair brushed, clothes on, teeth brushed, shoes found, you name it, I’ve been there.

In my house I’m blessed with 2 morning kids. I’m also blessed with 2 night kids. What does this mean? Someone is always unhappy and unmotivated. Mornings were getting too crazy around here. I’m not just talking about school days either. I’m talking about every…single…day. We have 2 that enjoy the morning and like to chat and two that if you look at them in the morning their head may explode. Whichever type of kid (and adults) you have in your home, I have some tips to help with your sanity. This is great for kids of all ages. Babies through teens.

PREP the evening prior:

Have clothes laid out and ready to go. This includes socks and shoes. And even hair bows. Diapers too. Believe me when I say I have woken up to 0 diapers in the house before. It’s better to know the night before.
Cook breakfast the night before and pop in microwave in the morning.
Have lunches packed.
Have backpacks packed and ready to go.
Have a fully stocked diaper bag ready to go.


Make breakfast the night before if possible. Pop it in the microwave right before the kids get up.
Have cereal out, bowls and silverware out and ready for the older kids.


If possible, get up prior to the kids and get yourself ready.
Have your coffee and calm time before the rush begins.


Do you have any time saving morning tips to share?

Have You Thanked Your Freezer Today?

Posted 10-15-2015 at 01:50 PM by Agla



The freezer is a kitchen appliance that doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Often, people only pay attention to the freezer when it stops working, but the freezer can be a busy mother’s best friend.

Here are some of the ways a freezer can save you time and money:

  • Prep all the ingredients you would use in a slow cooker meal and place them in a freezer bag. The day you need the meal you can pop the frozen cube right into your crock pot.
  • Put all your vegetable scraps into a freezer bag. Toss it all into your slow cooker with water. Strain when cooked and you will have flavorful homemade broth.
  • If you have extra broth let it cool and freeze in small measured portions that can be used in future recipes.
  • Make big batches of waffles or pancakes and freeze them. Toast them for snack or breakfast.
  • Instead of letting vegetables go to waste, chop them up and put them in a bag. Next time you are cooking a meal you can toss them in for a nutritious boost.
  • Freeze tomato paste in an ice cube tray and then pop out into a freezer bag. Now you have the perfect portion when a recipe calls for a tablespoon of tomato sauce. The same can be done with pesto.
  • If you know you will have a busy period ahead, you can prepare different casseroles and store in the freezer for future use.
  • A loaf of bread can be frozen and refreshed whole by being placed in the oven for a few minutes or by placing slices in the toaster.
  • Freeze berries on a cookie sheet and once frozen place berries in a bag or container. You can take a handful of berries in smoothie, oatmeal or cereal.
  • Grate a ginger root in a food processor. Place ginger in a freezer bag and flatten out the ginger so that it will freeze in a thin layer. Now you can break off a piece of ginger whenever a recipe calls for it.
  • Chop up your favorite fruits and veggies and then freeze. Toss right into your blender for a quick smoothie.
  • Get into the habit of placing your newly bought flour into the freezer overnight. That will kill off any insects that might have found their way in.

This list just touches the surface of the ways a freezer can be useful to a household. Beyond the storage of ice cream and frozen pizza, there are almost endless possibilities for this particular appliance.

Tips On Starting A Moms Group In Your Area

Posted 10-9-2015 at 12:33 AM by Jessica
If you’re new to town or if you’ve been around awhile and have not found  a group of moms to lean on and spend time with, consider creating a moms group. Moms need other moms (dads need support too, so this could be a “parent group if you prefer”) and kids need to play with other kids. So, if you’re ready to venture out and create your own group, check out these tips:
Ask moms that you know if they may be interested in joining a moms group. Think about friends, family, neighbors, church members, etc. Another option, if your kids are in preschool or school, ask the teacher if you can have a handout sent home with your information. Ask parents to contact you if interested.
If there is enough interest…move on to step 2
You have a few moms interested now. You don’t want to take on all that responsibility, right? Find a few that you know well and have strong leadership skills or seem very excited about the new endeavor. Seek out an assistant for yourself. Or a group of assistants to help run your group and make decisions.
Decide amongst yourselves if you want to be an independent group or if you want to join a nationally organized group. You can make your own chapter of a larger group, like MOPS, or similar. Or, you can start from scratch and make your own rules.
First, meet with your chosen leaders. Make a plan. Decide on how to run your first GROUP meeting. Plan out advertising. Will advertising be word of mouth? Signage? School letters? Online? Implement and advertise for your first group meeting. Be organized. You don’t want the first group meeting to be a disaster.

This will be a time for moms to decide if they want to be part of your new moms group. Give them details on upcoming events and what you have in store for the next few months. Discuss fees if there will be fees. Cover everything and leave room for questions at the end.

Once you have interest:

Ask for volunteers that can help with responsibilities. If you’re spread out, you could have a mom as a leader in each area of the town. You could also ask someone to be in charge of emails, a phone list, or handling fees.


Avoid School Morning Chaos With These Tips

Posted 08-28-2015 at 10:49 PM by admin


Are school mornings chaotic in your house? Whether you have one child or nine children, there are lots of ways to cut down on the chaos and the morning stress. Of course, this will vary depending on your child’s personality as well. I have 4 kids. The boys are morning people, the girls are night owls and not so happy in the morning. I’ve learned that keeping them separate in the mornings keeps the peace. Below are more tips I’ve learned over the years that have saved the stress, rush, and tears in the mornings. (MY tears AND the kids tears)

*Pack backpacks in the evening. Make sure to double check that all papers are signed and homework is done before zipping it up!

*Pack lunches in the evening. We pack lunches together in the evening and place them in the fridge ready to grab in the morning.

*Lay out clothes the night before. Have a checklist: shirt, pants, socks, underwear, shoes. Do you see a pattern here? Get as much done the night before as possible!

*Place breakfast dishes, cups, and silverware on the table and ready for morning. We like to stick with easy breakfast foods. Cereal, yogurt, and pancakes or waffles that we have cooked and frozen. Just pop in the microwave in the morning!

*Have girls with long hair? We brush hair in the evening and braid. This avoids tangled messes in the morning.

*In our house, I get up 15 minutes before the kids and have a cup of coffee. I heat up breakfast so it’s ready when I get them out of bed.

Do you have tips to share?

How I Changed After Becoming A Mom…

Posted 08-25-2015 at 02:40 PM by admin



I have been a mom for almost 15 years. As I sit and reflect over the years, I have noticed some major changes in myself. I’m not talking about physical changes here. There are plenty of those. That could be an entire post on it’s own. Another day, maybe. Today, I’m referring to my personality, the way I carry myself, and the way I view the world.

Goodbye Shy: If you knew me in my school years, you would probably describe me as quiet and shy. Maybe you wouldn’t even remember me at all. I was the one that hoped she’d never be called on. Hoping to be overlooked. Secretly praying that I would not have to get up and speak. That changed the moment I held my son. I came out of my shell. Not for me, but for him. I was sure that my voice was heard, my concerns were voiced to doctors, nurses, etc. It started in that hospital room right after his birth. And I haven’t stopped yet.

I’m a fighter: In my pre-baby days I was a lover not a fighter. I always tried to make peace. I didn’t want to cause waves. Now, I’m a fighter. When it comes to my kids I speak up and fight for them. Of course I’m not talking physical fighting. I’m talking stand up for my kids and FIGHT for their future.

Role Model: My husband and I changed the moment we brought our oldest home. What once was a weekend out on the town is now a weekend at home with the kids. 16 years ago I would have thought being at home all weekend and going to bed by 10pm was so uncool. Now, I look forward to early bedtime and cozy weekends with the family.

My hobbies have changed: So this may not be because of kids….it may just be part of getting older. My hobbies have changed. I enjoy gardening with my daughters and watching football with my sons (and I actually understand what’s going on during the game!)

Date night: These are few and far between. However, we enjoy date night much more now than we did before kids. We know how important quality alone time is now. I sometimes think we took each others time for granted before kids. Not anymore. Each and every minute during date nights is spent in the moment making memories.

I really could go on and on. I will say that all the changes I have seen have been positive. I love my family and strive to be the best mom and wife I possibly can.

What changes have you seen in yourself?

FIVE Minutes For Mom

Posted 08-13-2015 at 12:38 AM by admin

Exhausted housewife


A parents’ job is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! It can be hard to take time out for us. However, to be the best parent we can be, we all need a little “me time”. This can be very hard to find. But it doesn’t have to be. Below you will find some tips on making the most out of naptime. I know we have responsibilities like cleaning and laundry and making appointment phone calls. However, taking just one naptime a week to relax is very important. The chores will be there tomorrow! This goes for MOM, DAD, or ANY caregiver!

Take a warm bath – Get out the candles and a good book or some light music. Soak away that stress!

Invest in a hammock or lounge chair – head out to the back yard to relax in a hammock or a comfortable patio lounge chair. Soak up some sun (don’t forget the sunblock), read, or do absolutely nothing!

Garden – Some people enjoy gardening. It can be relaxing for some. If this is your thing, have at it.

Workout – A 30 minute (or longer) workout can relieve stress and make your body and mind feel great. Pop in a video or hop on a stationary bike and go! Release some endorphins and get the blood flowing.

Pull out the crayons – Coloring in a coloring book can be very calming. I’ve caught myself coloring long after the kids are done coloring. Try it; you may love it.

Sip some coffee (or other favorite drink), put on comfortable clothing, and lie on the couch. Read, watch your favorite show, put on some headphones, or call a friend. It’s YOU time, do what YOU love.

 You CAN relax or have a good time without leaving home. Do you have any other suggestions?

Packing Your Hospital Bag

Posted 08-12-2015 at 12:38 AM by admin

Schwangere Frau packt Kliniktasche



Packing Your Hospital Bag

Whether it’s your first or your fifth delivery, having a list for your hospital bag is a must! You don’t want to forget anything, especially if you live a distance from the hospital. Remember to pack for the baby too!

Comfortable non-skid socks – You may be walking the halls before and after labor. Non-skid slippers work too! Note: they will get dirty.

Comfortable pillow – If you have a pillow that you love, bring it along. The hospital does have pillows, but they are not equal to your favorite pillow. I always brought along my body pillow as it made it so much more comfortable to sleep before and after labor. *Note: It will get dirty

Sugar-free mints – My mouth always became dry and not so pleasant while at the hospital. Obviously you will bring your toothbrush and toothpaste, but this will help between brushings. Also, sugar makes you thirsty, so stick with sugar-free.

Chapstick – especially if you’re water intake is restricted, which happens often, your mouth and lips will be very dry. Chapstick will help avoid cracked lips.

Maternity/ Nursing Bra and breast pads

Maternity underwear + your own sanitary pads – the hospital WILL provide both. But the underwear they provide takes some getting used to, you may be more comfortable with your own. Be sure that they can be ruined, because they will!

Insurance information and all hospital forms. Many hospitals have you pre-register, so don’t forget any of those important forms. Identification as well.

Phone charger, camera charger. I think we all remember our phones and cameras, but tend to forget chargers, and of course the memory card for the camera is important as well!

Pony tail holders – if you have long hair, don’t forget your pony tail holders.

Robe – If you don’t want to show the world your backside while walking the halls, you may want to consider bringing a comfortable robe to wear during walks.

After labor clothes/night gown – Keep in mind these items may get ruined, so don’t pack your favorite! The night gown will be needed especially if you have visitors and don’t want to wear the thin, open in the back, gown that hospitals provide. And, of course, you will want comfortable wearing clothing for the drive home.