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I recently had a conversation with another mom about television. She was talking about how her son, who is the same age as my son, really likes the show CSI and they watch it together. She said she feels that as long as he wants to watch it then she didn’t need to censor him from it.  I was really taken back by this, I have some pretty strict rules in my house about what the kids are not allowed to watch and not watch. I chatted with her a bit more and told her I don’t let my kids watch stuff like that, I think it is tOo adult for them and then she changed the subject.

I have been thinking about this for awhile now. I know I censor a lot of things from my kids. I do not want to expose them to adult television shows, excessive violence or foul language being as they are still very young.  I do not watch anything that is rated more than PG in front of them and I will even screen things that are PG to make sure I think they are kid friendly, we do not watch the news in front of them because of some of the things they report on and I DVR all the shows I like to watch and then watch after they are in bed. I really like watching cop shows but I do not want to expose my young kids to a lot of the things on those type of shows. I even censor the animal planet because I do not think they are old enough for a lot of what they show on there.

My husband feels the same way to an extent. He thinks I go a little over board when it comes to certain things. Recently he wanted to let our five year old watch Star Wars episode 1. I personally did not think he was ready to watch it even though it was rated PG due to some of the violence but I decided that I would go ahead and let him watch it since Chris was watching it with him. We did tell Alex before hand that if he watched this and then started being violent towards his sister with his toy light sabers we would not allow him to watch anymore of the movies. Alex actually watched the whole movie and listened to us about not being violent.

There are even some cartoons that we do not let the kids watch. We do not watch Sponge Bob or pretty much anything on the Cartoon Network. Alex is allowed to watch Pokemon and Power Rangers as long as it does not affect his behavior in a bad way.

Perhaps I do over censor a bit bit I guess at this point in time I would rather over censor then expose them to things and take away childhood innocence.

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  1. crysntony on March 1st, 2012 1:30 pm

    I agree!!
    I may even be more careful about what the kids watch. No pokemon or powerrangers. We dont let our 12yo DS watch PG13 yet. No to most things on TV except shows that have been previewed by us. We also do mythbusters and Science programs. The girls get some disney shows, mickey, jake and the NLP. But just so you know Im not crazy, the kids havent asked for anything more. They show no interest in things they arent allowed to watch. Since we have always had these guidelines it really isnt an issue, but if we never monitored what they watch it would be hard to change it.

  2. Celeste on March 1st, 2012 4:52 pm

    I could’ve written this article, almost to the t. I DVR the kids’ shows that they like to watch & I feel are appropriate, that way they have something to watch whenever. So when I’m cooking dinner the only option isn’t something I’m not really crazy about.

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