Cloth Diapering : All or Nothing?

Posted 09-17-2013 at 12:25 PM by angelaw

I can’t remember when it was that I decided to cloth diaper.  I do know that I pretty much knew from the beginning that I was not going to be able to do it full-time. Maybe I was setting myself up for failure, or maybe I was just being realistic.

With my first son, I was given so many disposable diapers at my baby shower, cloth diapering never crossed my mind. I don’t think I even had to purchase a diaper until he was nearly potty trained.

As I got older and wiser, I began to do research into a lot of things that I wanted to do differently with my second child. One of these things was cloth diapering. I thought they were better for baby, economical and environmentally friendly, but mostly, I was just thinking about how they were super cute they all were! I enjoyed shopping for covers (which was the style I decided was best for our family).

When my son was born, I had already built up a stash of covers and inserts. However, they were all one-size and would not fit him for a while. That was fine, because I had already planned for this and had about three boxes of newborn and size 1 disposable diapers. I guess I didn’t see the point in buying a newborn stash of cloth diapers when I had purchased the disposables so cheap. Plus, the thoughts of meconium in a cloth diaper made me cringe.

By the time my son hit 2 months, he was big enough to fit in his cloth diapers on the smallest setting. I used them round the clock for about 3 weeks when I realized that nighttime was a problem and something needed to change. I purchased a different type of insert and they worked for approximately 5 hours overnight without any leaking. That was better. We continued using the first insert during the day and the second at night for another 2-3 weeks. I still was not happy.

At that point, I decided to use disposables as our nighttime diaper. Since then, that’s what we’ve done and it’s been almost two years.

I will admit, when around other cloth diapering mamas, I am still a little ashamed to mention this. Many times, I just don’t. I know I should feel confident in my choice, as I made my decision based on what worked for our family.  But, I still feel that I am judged because isn’t cloth diapering a full-time commitment? Isn’t it all or nothing?


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