Cloth Diapers and Chaffing

Posted 05-5-2014 at 03:07 PM by Matrivine

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Cloth diapers are wonderful before a little one starts to crawl, walk, run, and climb. As soon as our children start moving, however, whether it’s in the creases of the legs and pelvic region or on their thighs where the diaper rubs, children get chaffing and rashes. In some cases this can lead to yeast infections and a great deal of discomfort for our mobile tot. How do we prevent this discomfort?


Bathing a child everyday goes a long way to reducing chaffing and infections. It gets any product used on the child off as well as any lingering waste and the acids that come with it. Even if you have a child that only bathes every other day, it is good to allow them to soak their lower body for a while each day and then dry them off completely. Use this time to inspect your child and determine what action needs to be taken, whether it’s a switch in diapering products or calling a pediatrician just in case.

Nudey Time

I know many moms who are okay with letting their child go a few hours a day in their birthday suit. This works best if you have a fenced in back yard. For many of us in apartments, however, this can be almost impossible. We don’t want our children urinating on the floor or thinking that nudity is appropriate for the public.

Diaper Products

There are two types of diaper products I use when it comes to preventing rashes or chaffing. The first are creams like Desitin. I only use these items in the creases that are covered by the diaper due to the fact my little guy will try to scrape it off his legs and eat it. These creams act as a shield against moisture and puts a barrier between the legs and cloth that reduces chaffing.

The other item I use is corn starch. I stopped using baby powder because I have heard it can cause respiratory problems in children when inhaled. While I don’t use it close to my child’s face, I still err on the side of caution. This helps absorb moisture and reduces the chance of chaffing.


I have found that making sure my little man wears pants has also helped reduce chaffing. It puts an extra barrier between his legs and his skin rubbing against wet cloth. The diaper still may get wet (and heaven forbid, leak) but his skin doesn’t rub against the wetness quite so much.

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