Cloth Diapers and Tummy Troubles

Posted 11-8-2013 at 12:29 PM by whitneywalters

It is the middle of the night, your baby wakes up crying. You pick her up to comfort her and the smell hits you. You know immediately what is going on, your baby has diarrhea. I know I am not the only mom that has dealt with this. I will never forget the time that my youngest came down with rotavirus. She was so miserable and the smell was the worst. We were washing diapers around the clock to keep up and keep the smell away. We thought about switching to disposables during this time but since her skin was already very irritated from the diarrhea, I did not want to make it worse. Between lots of diaper changes, lots of CJS at each change and baths, I was able to keep the rash pretty much at bay.

Even my best diapers were not able to contain all the mess at times. We had a few blow outs and times it would leak out around her legs. It did not matter if you changed her in a matter of moments after, the diaper just was not always able to keep up. For this reason, I was keeping a fleece cover over her diaper at all times. If it got dirty, I would immediately rinse and wash it to prevent it from getting a lot of stains.

We were washing her diapers twice and I sunned her diapers as much as possible to help with the staining as well. It seemed like the minute one load was out, another was in. We made it through all seven days of her being sick and used cloth the whole time. One of my fleece diapers did get stained pretty badly, I ended up tossing it because it looked so bad. Amazingly enough, the diapers all made it through without the icky staining. I think it was from all the washing and sunning I was doing.

Moral of the story –

Cloth diapering during tummy troubles may seem like a lot of work but it is worth it in the end. I can not imagine how many diapers we would have went through if we would have been buying them and I know her rash would have been terrible.


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