Coconut oil-miracle worker!

Posted 10-9-2012 at 10:35 AM by Heather8183

When I like a product, I recommend it to family and friends.  Lets just say that nearly everyone I know has heard about how awesome coconut oil is and what all we use it for here!

I originally bought coconut oil because of all the DS mamas raving over all of its uses.  I thought to myself, “surely it can’t be all it’s cracked up to be!”  And surely, I was wrong.  It was all that and MORE.

We buy a lot of coconut oil and keep 4 containers in the house.  One in the bedroom, one in the bathroom, one in the kitchen, and one in our travel case…seriously, I forgot to take coconut oil on ONE trip, and I won’t do that again!

Our coconut oil in the bedroom is used for…um…mommy daddy time.  DH will never go back to anything other.  Also, I use it to put on my feet, ankles, knees, and elbows before bed.  It keeps all my dry spots moisturized wonderfully.

The tub in the kitchen is used for cooking.  I love to use it in my waffle mix, and to grease the griddle for pancakes.  I also use it to grease my cookie sheets and cake pans.  I’ve put it into smoothies as well.

When we went to Florida, everyone except DH, the kids, and I got sun burned.  I passed around the coconut oil and almost everyone’s redness had gone away by morning.  Only a few people asked “is this the same tub you keep in your bedroom?!” while snickering.

The tub that we keep in the bathroom has many uses.  It used to be used for diaper rash when K was still in diapers.  Now, I use it in my hair and put it in the dogs’ bathwater.  I just read that someone mixes it with equal parts of baking soda and uses it for toothpaste!  I’ve made deodorant with it, but I really want to try the toothpaste now!  Occassionally, the kids still get red bums if they have diarrhea so we do still use it for that.  Also, I have taken to “washing” with it in between showers.  A few weeks ago, the kids had fake tattoos that needed to be taken off before church, and the coconut oil took them right off.

There are a million and one ways to use coconut oil, and I discover new ones everyday!  I have one friend that made so much fun of my love for it.  Anything I have a problem with, she’ll offer, “try some coconut oil” with a grin.  She’s a convert now, with her own containers all over her house.


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