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This is what my typical morning looks like:

*Americano *Brew *Café  *Caffe *Caffeine Fix *Cup of Brew *Cup of Joe *Cuppa *Daily Grind *Day-Starter *High Octane *Java *Mocha *Mojo *Mother’s Little Helper *Warmer Upper

No matter, what you call it, or how you slice it,  I love coffee.

I brew a cup when I first get up, and enjoy it with my pack of peanut butter crackers, while I try to pry my eyes open and check my email.  Then, ususally midmorning, I’ll have my second cup.  It keeps my belly warm and full and prevents me from snacking.  My third, and usually final, cup of the day is around 2 or 3 in the afternoon.  This started as my naptime ritual, where the kids would go down for a nap and I’d enjoy my cup of joe in peace and quiet and recharge a bit.  Now that the kids aren’t napping anymore, I’ve gotten so used to it, that I still “need” it.

My all time favorite is a hot mocha, made with non-fat milk, from McDonalds.  Heaven in a cup.  I used to be seriously addicted, because DS’s preschool was literally across the street.  I’d get one every morning that I took him in…and…sometimes in the afternoon too.  Don’t judge me.  A close second is an iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts, with coconut, cream, and sugar.

My love runs deep.  I’m even a mug collector.  Sometimes I envy the simplicity some people have, with all their matching coffee mug sets.  But most of the time, I can’t pass up another “favorite mug”.  I’ve got mugs from Wisconsin, West Virginia, Florida, the Bahamas, Michigan, all over the place really.  Right now my favorite is the Superman mug in the picture.

Personally, I like a medium dark coffee.  Millstone Fog Lifter is my ideal brew, and what I drink most often.  I like a sweet creamer, or else I need a little bit of sugar in it as well.  Coffee Mate’s Peppermint Mocha, and International Delight’s Almond Joy are my top two faves.  At any given time you’ll find one or both in my fridge, just waiting for a trip to the Keurig.  Sometimes, I’ll do a plain creamer (or milk) and add a flavored syrup-usually either coconut or vanilla.

I’m not ashamed.  I might be a coffee addict.  This is another one of those “don’t tell DH” things…I don’t want an intervention.  I like things just the way they are ;)

How do you drink your coffee?  Do you like flavors or just plain?  Do you have a favorite mug?  Fill me in!

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3 Responses to “Coffee=love”

  1. mom2lukejake on October 9th, 2012 1:13 pm

    I like my coffee dark, almost espresso with just a bit of liquid hazelnut creamer from coffee mate!

  2. SheenaBee on October 9th, 2012 1:51 pm

    I LOVE my espessos. Just a plain latte with non-fat milk. I don’t like to add additional creams, sugars, or syrups. I’m a purist, I guess. My DH has suggested we get an espresso machine so that we can quit adding in a stop at Starbucks to our errands/road trip/anything time, but I’m afraid if I get one that I’ll drink them all day. I’m not very good with the whole disciplined-restraint thing. :)

  3. mayasmomma on October 9th, 2012 5:54 pm

    Nothing better than a finely ground dark roast in the press – so fresh. Just a little cream and no sweetener. I like to enjoy the full flavors of the beans. I’m a coffee snob, it’s shameful!

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