Cold Urticaria in the Spring and Summer

Posted 06-14-2013 at 01:06 PM by whitneywalters

Being allergic to the cold is not easy for a child. Last winter was pretty rough on my daughter Kairi. She was only able to be out in the snow twice, once did not go well at all and the second time we had to check her every couple of minutes to make sure she was not reacting. It was a long and hard season on our whole family.

Now that warmer weather is rolling around you would think we would not have to worry about this allergy but  that is not the case. Kairi could have a reaction even in the summer time. Things that could set off a reaction include ice cream ( luckily we have not had this issue yet ), swimming, playing in the sprinkler while there is a cool breeze and even getting out of the bath in an air conditioned house. Her allergy has also been getting worse.

Our spring here in Iowa has not been a very nice one, it has been raining a lot and on the colder side. I had to run errands one day so I got Kairi all bundled, warmed the car ahead of time and off we went. I decided to take the kids for a quick lunch first and in the time it took for us to walk from the car to where were eating ( we outside for less then a minute ) her ears and hands were red with welts. It was damp, cool and windy that day.  It was the quickest reaction she ever had.

We are going to have to watch her very carefully this summer. We want her to be able to enjoy summer but we want her safe. We will try letting her play in the sprinkler, we will just have to check her often for any signs of hives, my parents are looking into a heater for their pool so she can still swim out there and before either of these activities she will be taking an allergy medication.

There have been reports of people having a problem from eating ice cream. Kairi has not had that problem yet but we are planning on talking to her doctor and seeing if she needs to take her medication before we go have ice cream as well.

There is a chance that Kairi will outgrow this allergy and we are really hoping she does. It is hard for her and scary for us.

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