Cold Urticaria In The Summer

Posted 07-17-2013 at 12:04 PM by whitneywalters

My three year old daughter is allergic to the cold, you may remember me writing about this in the past. Now that summer has finally rolled around, you would think things would be getting easier for her but that is not the case. I have to be just as careful with her in the summer as I do in the winter.

Things like running through the sprinkler while there is a cold breeze can set off a reaction like you would not believe. I am not just talking  hives either, Kairi gets large welts all over where she was cold. So far the sprinkler has only caused a reaction like this one time, I have learned to check her very often, if I think the breeze is getting to be to much, we have to stop and go inside.

The swimming pool is another thing that can be dangerous for my daughter. The water needs to be on the warmer side, while most people can tolerate a cold pool, it has been known to send people with this allergy into shock. We actually found out about this allergy because Kairi broke out in welts after being in a cold pool last year and I took her to the doctor. This is why I fill my kiddy pool the night before and let it sit until mid afternoon. I have even put pitchers of hot water in to be safe. My parents have a pool at their house,  we have to temp the water first and they are looking into a solar powered heater for it. When we go to public pools, we always look for heated ones. Kairi has not been to a beach yet, if we do ever take her, she will have to stay in shallow water and I will be finding out the water temp before we go.

Another thing we have been told to look out for is ice cream. I am very glad that Kairi does not seem to have an issue with it yet. Ice cream is one of her favorite treats but we do have to hyper vigilant about watching for any sort of reaction. If her allergy was to ever worsen, ice cream could cause her some severe issues.

There is still a chance that Kairi will outgrow this and we are really praying this is the case. In the mean time, we are taking it day by day.

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2 Responses to “Cold Urticaria In The Summer”

  1. Ccb on December 10th, 2013 9:20 pm

    I experienced the same thing as a child. It lasted for years but I grew out of it before I was out of high school. It was horrible and started suddenly when I was swimming one day and lasted for years. I have never know anyone else who has experienced this. I believe it started at age ten or eleven for me.

  2. Ccb on December 10th, 2013 9:23 pm

    I did want to add, ice cream still makes me cough because it causes my that to itch, but it has never stopped me from eating it. :)

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