Coupons and Eating Healthy

Posted 12-10-2012 at 09:10 AM by HollyRay

Last week I went to the grocery store, loaded up my cart with great abundance, and paid $260 for just over 2 weeks of groceries and 2 months worth of candles and cleaning supplies. I had just over $50 worth of coupons, so I walked away with a trunk filled to the top with bags of food. There is zero chance I will ever be an extreme couponer, but if I can stretch my budget just a little bit more every month because of coupons I will take it.

My household is grain free, sugar free (for the most part), and we are big on veggies. How on earth would one coupon help while eating healthy? Well it’s a bit different, that’s true, but you can still see savings while eating decent food. Last week I had coupons for cheese, yogurt, frozen fruit and vegetables, almond milk, sausage, turkey bacon, hamburger meat, bratwurst, ground turkey, V8, and a few other things. I started by getting my produce, then my canned goods, and finally my frozen/dairy. I know that some people believe that in order to be healthy you must only eat food from the produce section, but often times it is not picked at the peak of freshness. Frozen food is picked at that peak, and often times simply flash frozen, keeping the nutrients of the food intact. I buy minimal canned food, most often tomatoes and fruit preserved in it’s own juice. I don’t buy much juice, but what I do buy is 100% and is often mixed with yogurt and ice to make a great smoothie.

Where do I find my coupons? Well not in my Sunday paper. I may find a half dozen coupons in my paper, but usually it’s more of a bust. I do print a fair amount of coupons from online though. Places like have a pretty good variety. Finally Ebay…I know right? I’ve bought 100 coupons for $1-$2 and I have been able to use about 30-40 of those coupons, the rest I give away or forward on to those serving overseas.

While you may never see that $0 balance that some extreme couponer’s talk about, you can still see savings, and every dollar counts!

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