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What is a diaper cover?
Simply put, it is a cover you use over non waterproof diapers like fitteds or prefolds. They can also be used for extra protection over pockets and aios. This is especially helpful overnight.

There are three choices for covers to use over your cloth diapers. PUL (  polyurethane laminate ), fleece and wool. Throughout the five years that I have been cloth diapering, I have used all three of them.

1. PUL
– Polyurethane laminate is a polyester fabric that has a layer of waterproof coating applied to it. They are trim, relatively water proof and come in a large variety of colors and prints. You can find them in snaps or velcro. They are cheaper then some other covers, easy to find online and when buying them used, you can purchase them for next to nothing.
– You can air the cover out between changes ( I would wipe it out with a wet wipe ), swapping them out until wash day, unless they got poop on them, then they would go into the wash pail.
– PUL covers are not as breathable as other covers and are not a natural material.


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Photo thank to Liz Madrid de Baca

2. Fleece

– Fleece covers can be made from different kinds of fleece and may be combined with bamboo, hemp and PUL. Washing is a simple process, you can hand wash or simply toss them in with your other diapers. The intent of the fleece cover is to wick the moisture away from your baby, some covers will feel wet faster then others. For this reason, I always ask for my fleece covers to have extra layers in the wetzone.  Same with drying, you can line dry or machine dry. Hand washing and line drying with extend the life of these covers and will cut down on the pilliness that can occur.
– Fleece is breathable and comes in many different colors and prints. Fleece covers are pretty easy to find online. Websites like hyenacart and etsy are full of custom fleece. You have a lot of options with these covers, you can buy just a soaker to use under clothes or you can get pants, shorts or skirts that work as a cover and clothing at the same time.
– Fleece covers are bulky and although they are fast drying, they do need to be washed after every use.

3. Wool
– Wool is my personal cover of choice. There are three choices when it comes to wool. Knit/crochet, interlock and recycled.  Like fleece, you can find wool in many different forms. You can get a soaker, longies, overalls, skirties, shorties and more.
– Wool is naturally anti-bacterial. It does not need to be washed after every use and it very breathable.
– Wool comes in a large variety of choices. It is more expensive then other covers but with the high resale value this is not a problem for most people. It can be found on many online stores.
– When lanolized wool becomes waterproof. Many parents consider it a bullet proof nighttime cover.If your wool is in need of lanozing, anything that can not be asborbed will be repealed. Wool can absorb 30% of it’s weight in water before you will feel wetness. Wool will leak with enough moisture, this usually only happens if a cover has been left on for to long.
– You can not wash wool with your other diapers. The washing process is different and if done incorrectly you can ruin your wool.


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