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I am at a fork in the road with my life right now. I have been taking college classes, largely at the urging of my husband, for three years now. I have worked since graduating from high school and after skipping college for five years, it stopped seeming important. I worked my way up in telecommunications, first as a telemarketer all the way to a high-paying job with Regions Bank. I never really saw myself being unable to find work, so what did a degree matter?

Along with thousands of others I received notice that my job was being “relocated” in 2007. I have not have a long term job since then, other than being a wife, mother and homemaker. That was the decision my husband and I made—for me to stay home—but even so, he became even more insistent that I get a college education. What if something happened to him, he reasoned. How would I take care of myself and the kids?

Eventually, I enrolled in school, mainly to shut him up. However, over time I have found myself enjoying the challenge. Even though it adds more to my already busy days, I like thinking that one day—in the very distant future—I will hold a college diploma. I have been taking core courses, such as English, History and Math, but as those are running out I am beginning to really think about the future.

Currently, I am listed as a General Business Major. I have always done our household budgeting and taken care of our finances. I rather enjoy working with numbers that represent money (all others confuse me! A+W=?!?!?) so it seemed like a natural choice. However, as I get closer to taking the courses that will be in my major, I have been thinking hard. I have no idea what to do with a business degree. I suppose I could get a job just about anywhere. But the subject that has always excited me is Psychology. I really, really get enthusiastic about it. And if I changed my major, I would look at being a counselor, which I feel is something that could really help others, which also excites me. I want to have a job that means something, you know?

It might seem like the choice is simple, but it’s not. If I change majors, a lot of the courses I have taken are null and void, so to speak. I prolong how long it will take to graduate—which is already pretty far off, especially if we have any more children in the future. And I will have to go back for a Master’s degree. If I want to get a degree to ensure my children’s future in the event of my spouse’s untimely demise, I am not so sure this is the right track. But if I want a job that is fulfilling…anyway, it’s something I’m mulling over. I’ve always believed in really thinking things through before making a big change. I’ll update you if I ever figure it out for myself! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Laundry Lady on April 4th, 2012 10:01 am

    I would recommend a double major in psychology and business. If you eventually end up running your own counseling agency the business aspect will be useful. Plus, that will open up your job prospects while you work on getting your master’s degree. I loved psychology too and decided to minor in it rather than major since I felt unsure about job prospects in the field (which are admittedly uncertain). Plus you could find yourself doing HR or other psychological work with the business world.

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