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Posted 06-24-2013 at 10:12 AM by whitneywalters

Being a mother of four young children it is pretty rare that I actually get to go anywhere on my own. It takes a lot of planning in advance to get days out organized for myself. There is a large farmer’s market on Saturdays  in a town nearby. I really love going there but honestly, I do not like taking all the kids. It is very busy, there are tons of people and the kids really do not enjoy being there. If I am lucky I can make it once or twice a year.

I always feel bad leaving Chris and the kids on the weekends. Since he works full time, I like spending his days off with him and my children. That said, I know that if I want any time to myself, I have to do things on the weekends. A lot of the places I likes to go are only open on Saturdays or I would simply not have enough time after he got home.

I told Chris that this year for Mother’s Day, all I really want is a day out at the farmer’s market without having to take all the kids.  I am taking my Mom and my sister and we are spending the day together, child free. Chris stayed home with the kids and I got my day out. We did not end up going on Mother’s Day weekend, my Mom was still recovering from surgery and she was not ready for all the walking we were going to do. We ended up going a week later and had a blast.

We got there just as it was opening and it was already packed. We spent a few hours there, tried a bunch of new food ( I think the food vendors are my favorite part ), bought some fabulous bakery bread, some produce and a couple hand crafted items. After we were done we did a little bit of shopping for some craft supplies I needed, had some lunch, shopped a bit more a few other places, stopped for coffee and were home in time for me to spend the evening with my family.

A day out with my Mom and sister was a nice break and really refreshing for me. I love being with my husband and kids but sometimes Mom just need Mom time.

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