Dealing with a mother hen

Posted 11-16-2012 at 11:08 AM by whitneywalters

My five year old can be a bit of a mother hen. She thinks she needs to be involved in everything and she likes to parent her siblings. She also thinks she can boss around Chris and I. She does this with everything lately, she tried to dictate to us what we are eating, tries to punish her siblings when they have done something they shouldn’t, demands we do stuff for her instead of asking nicely and many other things. We have been working with her because her bossy, know it all attitude needs to stop.

I am trying to remain patient with her. Instead of getting on her all the time and making her feel like she is not in charge of anything, I am giving her things that she is in charge of and then when she is over stepping I am reminding her that she is not in charge of whatever situation she is currently trying to take over.

I have told her she is in charge of her clothes, she can pick out what she wants to wear. She picks her bedtime story every night, she is allowed to choose between a couple items for snack each day for herself and I give her things through out the day she is in charge of doing.

I have also told her that when she demands something, she won’t get it. She needs to learn to be polite and ask nicely. I will not respond to her at all when she talks to me in a demanding way.  She knows what manners to use and I have already noticed if I say nothing when she demands something she will eventually realize she needs to use her manners and then she gets an answer.

Chris and I are also trying hard to use our manners at all times. We are asking each other nicely and instead of telling the kids to do whatever they need to do, we are asking them in the same manner we are wanting them to ask us. I am doing this because I am concerned that Destiny picked up on some of her bossiness from us and I want to stop it from happening again.

I also make sure to lay on the praise when she is polite and not bossing everyone in the house around. Destiny loves being praised, she lights up and just soaks it up. I know that the more I praise her for it, the more she is going to continue the behavior in the future.

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  1. Pixi6s on November 19th, 2012 8:17 am

    Any of our speech including manners are picked up by our kids. You should always speak as you would like them to.

    I know people who uses their manners when talking with their kids but not with their spouses. I strongly believe it is not enough. They need to see that manners are always expected when talking with all adults and their peers. (as we are talking with our peers – our spouses)

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