Dear Mothers on Mother’s Day

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Dear Mom,

On this Mother’s Day, before you enjoy your homemade burnt bacon and then get up to open your gifts of macaroni necklaces and plaster hand prints, which you truly will cherish as long as they last, please remember the good you do. We know that you are hard on yourself much of the time while you try to get your little ones to eat a full, healthy diet. You sit and wonder if you are being too strict as your five year old has a melt down in time out.

We are here to remind your that you are great just by filling the role of mother fully and to the best of your ability. There are things that you can do that no one else can for your child.

Toddler Whisperer

You know the language of your little one better than anyone else does. You understand the six words that are expressed by the one sound “og” and when they are being used. You understand the reasoning behind the sobbing little person trying to communicate anything from thirst to a lack of napping desire. Not only do you understand what your little one is communicating to you, you know how best to respond to avoid melt downs that just aren’t necessary.

Damage Prevention

Your spouse and your family think that you might worry too much about your little charge. You know the truth. If your fearless little super hero could reach the top of the fridge, they will jump and try to soar just like Superman. Hypothetically, after you dry their tears and make sure they are uninjured you know they would try again. That is why along with child proofing your home, you have added personalized touches. Step ladders are locked behind safety gates even if it makes them inconvenient to you. Cleaning tools that your child desperately want to help you use, are put high out of their reach and in your bedroom closet, which would be the last place they would think of looking for them. You know your child well enough to know you’re not crazy, and that’s enough.


As the years go by and your little one turns from toddler to teen before your very eyes, you don’t stop doing what’s best for them. You teach them the value of waiting from that piece of candy you won’t give them in the car to the car itself they must wait to drive. You still know their moods well enough to make their favorite meal to brighten their day, when they think they have hidden their feelings of unhappiness. ¬†You weather both the days that you are the greatest person in the world and the days that you are the meanest person in the world.

So Remember

Today is your day. The day we take a moment to accept our own offerings to our children. So smile. Enjoy your breakfast made with love, though with a little more carbon than we may want. Accept your flowers knowing you have more than deserved them. Then look past them to your children, because flowers were never the reason you were in this mothering gig anyway.

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