Diaper Sale Craze

Posted 09-25-2013 at 01:34 PM by yoliyoda

I’ll admit it– sometimes cute diapers on sale make me lose my mind. I think it’s healthy to admit the problem so that you can get some help… or at least make more room by the changing table for the next inevitable buy. 

And I’m not the only one. When a momma on DiaperSwappers announces that Cotton Babies Seconds Sale is open, or Kanga Care has packages of diapers on discount it’s a virtual mad  dash, sure to slow down any site’s server. 

Sale SignWhile having your baby sport a “cute bum” is one of the benefits of cloth diapering, it can get out of hand. For example, there is a brand of diaper that I fell in love with. Positively adorable! I decided to look up the prices to purchase them new. The listed prices ranged from what I’d consider a bit steep to utterly ridiculous. It’s fine and dandy to buy something extra nice if you can afford it. However, paying triple digits for something my son is literally going to crap in just isn’t for me.

 I often have to remind myself when looking at the asking price for some diapers that everyone’s reasons for cloth diapering is different. For some people it is all about the look. Maybe they need that one diaper for a special occasion and cost is not object. For other people it probably has something to do with nostalgia and the love of collecting things. Other mamas might just look at expensive diapers as an investment, sure to have a high resale value.

Whatever the reasons of others, I can’t say I’d never buy an overpriced diaper. I’m a girl who like pretty things. But for now, I’ll join the stampede whenever I hear that one treasured word: SALE!


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