Easter traditions

Posted 03-18-2013 at 10:14 AM by whitneywalters

Easter is just around the corner, I am really excited since it is a pretty big deal in our family. We do the same things each year but we love our Easter traditions.

A couple weeks before Easter we will do some Easter related activities.  We will do crafts, Easter related work pages for school, read Easter stories and watch Easter shows. The weekend before Easter our town hosts an Easter egg hunt, as long as the weather is good then we take the kids.

Our day starts at church, we all dress up, the kids each get a new outfit and Chris and I usually wear something we already have. Then we head out to the Easter breakfast that our church puts on, after service we head out to my parents house. Early in the morning my parents or I hid a ton of Easter eggs. Last year we hid over 100 ( We learned over the years to make sure to count each one and try to remember where we hide them. Over the years my Dad has found several with the lawn mower later in the year. )

After a nice family lunch we head out and let the kids do the egg hunt. They always have a ton of fun. When the egg hunt is over we go back in the house and let them have their Easter baskets. They get pretty spoiled since they get a basket from Grandparents on both sides, a basket from us and then a treat from Aunts and Uncles. We also color eggs. The kids usually get to do this twice, once at home with Chris and I and then again out at my parents house. We spend the rest of the day playing games, doing some Easter related crafts, eating candy and hanging out with family. Then we have a nice family dinner before everyone heads home.

This year I am adding something to the mix that I am hoping will become a new tradition. I am buying one themed egg per child ( like angry birds for Alex and princess for Destiny ) that is bigger then the other eggs and filling it with a special surprise. I will then tell the kids what their theme is and tell them they can do pick up some one else’s egg.  I think they will really like this added fun to our Easter fun.

Here is some pictures of Easter past –



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