Easying Into Cloth

Posted 02-14-2011 at 10:29 AM by brewanothercup

Though during my pregnancy we decided to use cloth, we didn’t really start building our stash until our son was about a month old.  Up until then, I’d only bought a few diapers on bargain websites.  I was hesitant to buy more than a few of each kind because I had no idea which ones I’d prefer or how they’d fit my son.

Because we received several boxes of disposables from friends and family, we used those exclusively for a few weeks as we began to get the hang of parenting.  Slowly we started using cloth during the day but stayed with disposables at night. Immediately we were horrified to see how quickly Griffin needed to be changed while in cloth but how he could sit in a dirty diaper for HOURS; the chemicals alarmed us, too, which pushed us to use more cloth.

As we started using more and more cloth during the day, we started figuring out what kinds of diapers we prefered. My husband initially liked velcro quite a bit but I’ve since converted him to a snap lover; he liked pocket diapers best while it didn’t matter much to me.  Once we started narrowing down the kinds we liked, I started searching for deals on them.  I got quite a few locally on craigslist then on diaperswappers; for new diapers, I found a website that gave a military discount of 10% so we exclusively buy new diapers online there. We have a local brick and mortar that I visit once every few weeks and in the beginning I’d pick up a diaper or two each visit.

I highly reccomend starting off with a few of each type of diaper to see what works for you and for baby.  Then, scour your resources to find used ones or discounts on new ones to make your  cloth diapering as affordable as possible.  Of course the initial investment may be more than disposables, the investment is well worth it.


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  1. Kaitylady on February 18th, 2011 6:29 am

    I am not sure about cloth yet, do all these kinds of diapers come with proper washing instructions? I know it seems strange to ask, but I know with my luck I would wash it wrong and ruin a $18 diaper.

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