Elf on the Shelf

Posted 12-21-2012 at 08:44 AM by Krista

One of my favorite things about Christmas—actually the favorite thing is having Christmas with children. It’s so much more exciting to see them experience all the fun of this time of year. It’s become especially special this year, because my girls like to sing Christmas carols, and we enjoy watching the movies together. Everything is better, because as they age they appreciate it more. We recently went to pick out a Christmas tree—my daughter wanted a pink one, and darn it, wouldn’t you know they were all sold out of the pink ones?!

We have also brought out our 25 days of Christmas calendar and once again, Archie, our elf on the shelf has returned. He is Santa’s helper who returns nightly to the North Pole to tell Santa of our daughters behavior. Strangely, this tactic does seem to keep my oldest in line. My youngest doesn’t seem to quite comprehend it, although she could be fooling me.

The fun thing about it is finding unique places to put them. While we balanced him precariously last year on a hanging lantern and the ceiling fan, this year I have tried putting him in different scenes. For example, we bought a box of little Debbie cakes and I set him holding the box like he wanted a snack. I told my daughter he was hungry, and she was worried that he would eat them all! Being the good elf that he is, he did save them a few.

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