Everybody Lies

Posted 07-27-2012 at 11:05 AM by HollyRay

As the character, House, said numerous times “Everybody lies”.

We all do it, small, big, half truths, creative, not creative, outrageous, believable, they are all types of untruths. That said, everybody does not lie all the time, and I find this paradox appealing. Why? Simply put, I find it fascinating that if someone were to lie and then be caught within that said lie, they are forever tarnished. Forever will they go down in history as a liar, how often has a simple conversation turned into dramatic because one mama said another mama lied? I’m not saying we should ignore lying but I do find it odd that the general population will agree they have lied at some point about something, they will excuse it away, but if they find someone else has lied there are no excuses.

Furthermore I see many people throwing out the term “liar” and “unbelievable” simply when they cannot comprehend what the person is explaining. For instance, hypothetically I know Ian, a 5 year old boy. Ian wakes in the morning and makes breakfast for the family, dresses, eats, and heads to the barn to help with chores. If Ian were a child in another culture no questions. If Ian were American I am either lying or abusing Ian. Another scenario, I grew up on a farm, in a small rural town, I am a SAHM, I currently don’t have a “real” job. If I were to tell you that I think Clay Walker’s road manager was a womanizing sleaze ball, because while loading in the show where I was the in-house technical manager, his manager couldn’t keep his hand’s to himself would you believe me? It seems hard to believe, some farm girl running a theater. It’s what I did, few women believe me, after all where I am now is drastically different to where I was then.

This is why I don’t understand calling other people liars. Sometimes one person’s reality differs from another, I’ve learned to accept this. There have been times when I have thought “that’s a lie!” only to realize later that my view of reality was way off. I have heard plenty of women complain that they read something on facebook and they can’t believe the awful lies people tell. People’s opinions change from day to day, a bad day could mean you HATE being at home with your kids and wished you had a job, once the bad day passes perhaps you say you are thankful for the ability to stay home with your children. You can both hate and love it, depending on the day, I think that’s okay, and hasn’t made you a liar…it makes you human. Emotions and opinion are fluid, they are never set in stone, a sentence that you may view as a lie may not actually be a lie, your interpretation of it could just be wrong.

Finally being unbelievable does not mean it’s automatically a lie.  Each person has their own reality, their own upbringing, their own path, everyone is different (yaye for that!). Why is it we can agree that everyone is different and then in the next breath not understand that just because something may not happen in our reality doesn’t mean it won’t happen in someone else’s. I may be being a bit vague, so let me give another example. I know a woman who SWEARS her child was walking before 5 months, I have an extremely hard time believing it, but her reality and my reality are different. Can I say she is lying? Nope, because hey maybe it happens. I’ve never seen it happen though so I am skeptical, that is MY problem and does not make her a liar. Just like when people call me a liar when I say my children have been making bread since they were about a year old, sure to some people that seems ridiculous, but I sat my oldest daughter on the counter showed her what to do and away we went.

It would be awesome if we could just accept that some times people lie, for themselves, for others, for attention. Other people don’t lie, and we take something they say and construe it as such to make them liars, and that’s on us.

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